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Rank Name Raised
137th Nancy Ohm Nancy Ohm 2years $2,379
138th Doug Bowser Doug Bowser $2,320
139th Klaas Slagter Klaas Slagter 2years $2,315
140th Chris Lawson Chris Lawson 5years $2,300
141st Kevin McKenna Kevin McKenna 2years $2,290
142nd Juliette Colbourne Juliette Colbourne 4years $2,285
143rd Doris Kenny-Lodewyks Doris Kenny-Lodewyks 2years $2,280
N/A Elizabeth Lowe Elizabeth Lowe 3years $0
144th Todd Craplewe Todd Craplewe $2,275
145th Karl Spangler Karl Spangler $2,266
146th Allan Hobden Allan Hobden 2years $2,266
147th Lucie Robichaud Lucie Robichaud $2,265
148th Brian Gibson Brian Gibson 2years $2,260
149th David Law David Law 2years $2,253
150th Barry Hobbis Barry Hobbis $2,250
151st Brad Leggett Brad Leggett 3years $2,240
152nd Mike Castellano Mike Castellano $2,235
153rd Victoria Morelly Victoria Morelly $2,210
154th Dana Coulombe Dana Coulombe 4years $2,195
154th Sandra Nicolaisen Sandra Nicolaisen $2,195