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Rank Name Raised
158th zac pregent zac pregent $1,405
160th Norm Beltrame Norm Beltrame $1,400
160th Phil Ouellette Phil Ouellette $1,400
162nd Anderson Bariani de Almeida Anderson Bariani de Almeida $1,390
163rd Mélanie Gagnon Mélanie Gagnon $1,380
164th John Salazar John Salazar $1,377
165th Ron Mauro Ron Mauro $1,375
165th William Cook William Cook $1,375
167th Fiona Christiansen Fiona Christiansen $1,370
167th Nisha Sharma Nisha Sharma $1,370
169th Erin McGuire Erin McGuire $1,365
170th Beverly Silverstone Beverly Silverstone $1,362
171st Dave Irwin Dave Irwin $1,361
172nd Harold Batchelder Harold Batchelder $1,360
173rd Brad Nussbaum Brad Nussbaum $1,357
174th Davey Jay Davey Jay $1,355
174th Jay Chenier Jay Chenier $1,355
174th Matt Gurney Matt Gurney $1,355
177th Matthew Zatzman Matthew Zatzman $1,351
178th Hubert Gauthier Hubert Gauthier $1,350