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Rank Name Raised
N/A Justin Cunningham Justin Cunningham $0
N/A Justin Cunningham Justin Cunningham $0
N/A Kathy Spence Kathy Spence $0
N/A Keith Hutton Keith Hutton $0
N/A Lannie Mugleston Lannie Mugleston $0
N/A Leanne Kirkpatrick Leanne Kirkpatrick $0
N/A Lee Battams Lee Battams $0
N/A Linda McGill Linda McGill $0
N/A Lou-Anne Robinson Lou-Anne Robinson $0
N/A Melanie Kulbaba Melanie Kulbaba $0
N/A Mike Hewitt Mike Hewitt $0
N/A Momina Khan Momina Khan $0
N/A Oke Emma Oke Emma $0
N/A Parag Arvikar Parag Arvikar $0
2nd Paul Mooney Paul Mooney $868.73
18th Pauline Robinet Pauline Robinet $100
N/A Perry Kelly Perry Kelly $0
N/A Rhonda Peters Rhonda Peters $0
N/A robert hacault robert hacault $0
N/A Robert Solomonson Robert Solomonson $0