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Rank Name Raised
74th Curtis Chamberlayne Curtis Chamberlayne $3,362
75th Wayne Coristine Wayne Coristine $3,323.32
76th Trevor Cradduck Trevor Cradduck $3,313.63
77th Des Reilly Des Reilly $3,312.28
78th Barbara Mercier Barbara Mercier $3,305.51
79th John Donnelly John Donnelly $3,303.11
80th Jay Hitchen Jay Hitchen $3,266.92
81st Rayanne Rodier Rayanne Rodier $3,242.15
82nd Derek Boan Derek Boan $3,200.47
83rd Lyndell Levitt Lyndell Levitt $3,177.63
84th Edward McGurran Edward McGurran $3,161.40
85th Beth Johns Beth Johns $3,150
86th Daina Basso Daina Basso $3,130
87th Joan Coffin Joan Coffin $3,112.28
88th Helen Loo Helen Loo $3,100.77
89th Carl F Myatt Carl F Myatt $3,100.24
90th Robert Reyerse Robert Reyerse $3,090.62
91st Louise Pearce Louise Pearce $3,065.07
92nd David Greenwell David Greenwell $3,063.52
93rd Sharon McQuade Sharon McQuade $3,060.88