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Rank Name Raised
213th Melanie Fox Melanie Fox $3,779
214th Louise Pearce Louise Pearce $3,770
215th Troy Stenback Troy Stenback $3,758
216th Jean Constantineau Jean Constantineau $3,758
217th Jessica Cherwick Jessica Cherwick $3,757
218th Gord olson Gord olson $3,756
219th John Lee John Lee $3,756
220th Dolores Wilmshurst Dolores Wilmshurst $3,754
221st Olivier Gendron Olivier Gendron $3,754
222nd Mark Eccleston Mark Eccleston $3,752
223rd Sandeep Ghotra Sandeep Ghotra $3,751
224th Keith Stewart Keith Stewart $3,748
225th Roberta Hunt Roberta Hunt $3,743
226th Conor Morrissey Conor Morrissey $3,734
227th Farnaz Riahi Farnaz Riahi $3,727
228th Ron Paley Ron Paley $3,713
229th Mario Ramsay Mario Ramsay $3,712
230th David Law David Law $3,712
231st Frédéric Forgues Frédéric Forgues $3,711
232nd Peter Cortesis Peter Cortesis $3,705