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Rank Name Raised
210th Gerry Pot Gerry Pot $70
210th James Cromwell James Cromwell $70
210th Jerrold Lemko Jerrold Lemko $70
210th Jocelyn Modl Jocelyn Modl $70
210th John Mackinnon John Mackinnon $70
210th Karen Thrussell Karen Thrussell $70
210th Karen Totzke Karen Totzke $70
210th Kris Clarke Kris Clarke $70
210th Mike Cuthbert Mike Cuthbert $70
210th Mike Tambeau Mike Tambeau $70
210th Monica Karppinen Monica Karppinen $70
210th Nancy Brooks Nancy Brooks $70
N/A Paul Balsamo Paul Balsamo $0
210th shania legge-duffitt shania legge-duffitt $70
210th Simonne Poirier Simonne Poirier $70
210th Vladislav Sokolov Vladislav Sokolov $70
232nd Jen Steffler Jen Steffler $60
233rd Kris Smith Kris Smith $55
233rd Paul Mooney Paul Mooney $55
235th Anthony Campese Anthony Campese $50