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Rank Name Raised
N/A Dale Madill Dale Madill $0
N/A Daniel Savchuk Daniel Savchuk $0
N/A Darryl Keith Cottrell Darryl Keith Cottrell $0
213th David Driver David Driver $70
N/A Derek Boan Derek Boan $0
N/A Dinesh Gite Dinesh Gite $0
N/A Duncan Ward Duncan Ward $0
N/A Dwayne Doucette Dwayne Doucette $0
N/A Egan Done Egan Done $0
283rd Eric L Gunderson Eric L Gunderson $35
N/A Erin Payton Erin Payton $0
N/A Ernest Maputol Ernest Maputol $0
N/A Ethan Ariss Ethan Ariss $0
N/A Eufrocina Szeder Eufrocina Szeder $0
N/A Eugene Shershnev Eugene Shershnev $0
N/A Gagandeep Singh Gagandeep Singh $0
N/A Gordon Williams Gordon Williams $0
N/A Gustavo Pettinato Lucio Gustavo Pettinato Lucio $0
N/A Haida Biro Haida Biro $0
N/A Helen Laity Helen Laity $0