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Rank Name Raised
N/A Martin Flanagan Martin Flanagan $0
N/A Mary Ann Duynisveld Mary Ann Duynisveld $0
N/A Mary Shirkie Mary Shirkie $0
N/A Matthew Henriques Matthew Henriques $0
N/A Michael Fisher Michael Fisher $0
N/A Mike Bossy Mike Bossy $0
N/A Mike Bryck Mike Bryck $0
N/A Mike Morris Mike Morris $0
N/A Mohamed Moustafa Kamal Mohamed Moustafa Kamal $0
N/A Moulay youssef Monsif Moulay youssef Monsif $0
N/A Oke Emma Oke Emma $0
N/A Owen Evans Owen Evans $0
N/A Paige Groot Paige Groot $0
N/A Pam Elliott Pam Elliott $0
N/A Perry Kelly Perry Kelly $0
N/A Peter Courtney Peter Courtney $0
N/A Ralph Hamilton Ralph Hamilton $0
N/A Randy Johnston Randy Johnston $0
N/A Renattae Schmidt Renattae Schmidt $0
N/A Rhonda Peters Rhonda Peters $0