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Rank Name Raised
154th Stephane Myre Stephane Myre $25
154th Syed Ahsan Syed Ahsan $25
162nd Brian Innes Brian Innes $20
162nd Cole Vander Veen Cole Vander Veen $20
162nd Fiona Borland Fiona Borland $20
162nd Ken Maher Ken Maher $20
162nd Kerry Lavigne Kerry Lavigne $20
162nd Kris Smith Kris Smith $20
162nd Logan Wassill Logan Wassill $20
162nd Pamela van der Woning Pamela van der Woning $20
162nd Renee Taillefer Renee Taillefer $20
162nd robert meush robert meush $20
162nd Robert Preece Robert Preece $20
173rd Rick Lewis Rick Lewis $18
174th Jason Rainville Jason Rainville $15
175th Gregory Johnson Gregory Johnson $10
175th Lianne Kovari Lianne Kovari $10
N/A Aaron Butler Aaron Butler $0
N/A Aaron Hughes Aaron Hughes $0
N/A Abby Kendall Abby Kendall $0