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Rank Name Raised
213th Chris Edgell Chris Edgell 2years $4,186
214th Grant Harder Grant Harder 2years $4,181
215th Ron Westlake Ron Westlake $4,180
216th Phil Neily Phil Neily 7years $4,166
217th Sue Dewar Sue Dewar 7years $4,146
218th Bharat Nagin Bharat Nagin 2years $4,143
219th John Sartori John Sartori $4,143
220th Dianne Trask Dianne Trask 6years $4,140
221st Fanny Deval Fanny Deval 6years $4,139
222nd Joseph Lisi Joseph Lisi $4,137
223rd Chris Lawson Chris Lawson 6years $4,124
224th ChloĆ« Hill Chloë Hill $4,120
225th Kane Richards Kane Richards 2years $4,105
226th Brendon Stevenson Brendon Stevenson $4,102
227th Lou Rankin Lou Rankin 3years $4,099
228th Susan Rattray Susan Rattray $4,093
230th Daniel Lamothe Daniel Lamothe 5years $4,088
N/A Parsa Sam Parsa Sam $0
231st Ian Foss Ian Foss 4years $4,083