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Rank Name Raised
413th Mary Nero Mary Nero 4years $2,044
414th Marie Stevens Marie Stevens $2,043
415th Greg Mainman Greg Mainman $2,041
416th Janet Gilmour Janet Gilmour 4years $2,036
417th Virginia Caco Virginia Caco $2,035
418th Bryden Tait Bryden Tait 7years $2,034
419th Joel Dalacker Joel Dalacker $2,029
420th Chris Glydon Chris Glydon 4years $2,029
421st Jacques Chartrand Jacques Chartrand 5years $2,028
422nd Leah Vono Leah Vono $2,028
423rd Sally Newton Meyer Sally Newton Meyer $2,027
N/A Rachel Zimner Rachel Zimner 2years $2,023
424th Andrew Gergely Andrew Gergely 3years $2,022
425th Frank Pagliaro Frank Pagliaro 3years $2,015
426th Carlo Cristofari Carlo Cristofari 3years $2,010
427th Joanne Kusnick Joanne Kusnick 5years $2,005
428th Dave Maynard Dave Maynard 3years $2,005
429th John Bijl John Bijl 2years $2,004
430th Shelley Robertson Shelley Robertson 2years $2,000
431st Kevin May Kevin May 3years $1,997