Carey Hewitt

Carey Hewitt
Cancer is the largest killer of kids in Canada, 27 children are diagnosed every week. Please donate now and support my challenge to fight kids' cancer!
I've Ridden 609.5 km to fight kids' cancer
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  • National: 318th
  • Province: 10th in NS
I've raised $1,271.50 to fight kids' cancer Donate Now

My Story

  • August 17/17 Still riding Amy!!!
    17 Aug 2017

    So it was pretty chill this morning at 645am on my way to work....but so worth getting up early and heading out.....although I did not see Mr. Chipmunk this morning I did get to witness the beauty of the morning and a deer on my path! #grateful for the day!

    Posted 4 days ago
  • 20.0 km ride - Brrr getting cold in the morning! - August 17, 2017

    From Coldbrook-Kentville to coldbrook

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  • 20.0 km ride - chasing sunshine - August 14, 2017

    From Coldbrook ns to coldbrook

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  • 20.0 km ride - quiet in my head - August 10, 2017

    From Coldbrook-Kentville to coldbrook

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  • 20.0 km ride - riding with my best friend - August 6, 2017

    From Coldbrook ns to coldbrook

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  • 20.0 km ride - sunny day - August 7, 2017

    From Coldbrook ns to coldbrook

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  • 20.0 km ride - keep on truckin! - August 2, 2017

    From Coldbrook-Kentville to coldbrook

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  • Monday Monday what a great way to start the week!
    31 Jul 2017

    It is the final day of the month and I was able to get one more official ride in ...that deserves a Whoop Whoop!!!......and it was a good one! This brings me to 490 km..............................................still a few hundred to ride....... I will keep on peddling in honor of all those who have supported me in this Great Cycle Challenge... each donation makes a difference. It really it has been a great many people out there riding to bring this chapter to a close.....till next well, be happy and be safe....

    Posted 21 days ago
  • 20.0 km ride - Last day..... - July 31, 2017

    From Coldbrook-Kentville to c

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  • Km to ride before I sleep
    27 Jul 2017

    So far I have ridden 470km.....that is 170 over my initial goal of 300km according to my calculations I have ONLY 601 more KM to ride...... then I will be ready for a long winters nap. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me is this very important cause and who have followed me on this journey...because of you I was able to raise $1271.50 to help fight Kid's Cancer that is a WHOPPING $771.50 over my initial goal of $500..... in my books that is a MIRACLE and I hope that all these funds raised across Canada will result in Miracles Multiplied!!!!!

    Posted 25 days ago
  • Lions and Tigers and Bears!
    26 Jul 2017

    What an awesome beautiful day to be on my I rode in to work at 7am and home at lunch and the temperature was perfect.....on my way home I got to see a deer and her baby in the woods....then Mr. Chipmunk crossed my path .....then a yellow winged bird flew down the path ahead of glad I had that it's off to yoga in the park after work!!!!

    Posted 26 days ago
  • 20.0 km ride - Lions and tigers and bears - July 26, 2017

    From Coldbrook-Kentville to coldbrook

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  • 20.0 km ride - Monday Monday - June 26, 2017

    From Coldbrook-Kentville to coldbrook

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  • 20.0 km ride - How Hot can it get? - July 20, 2017

    From Coldbrook -Kentville to Coldbrook

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  • 20.0 km ride - How did Monday get here so Fast? - July 17, 2017

    From Coldbrook -Kentville to Coldbrook

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  • 22.0 km ride - Sunny Sunday Ride - July 16, 2017

    From Coldbrook -Waterville area to Coldbrook

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  • Post Mud Hero Ride
    9 Jul 2017

    so..... I ran the 6km Mud Hero Race at Ski was a blast! the last part of the run was up part of the mountain just to run back down a result my hamstrings and calves were crying today! Skinned elbows but a sense of great accomplishment....I placed 4th out of 161 in my category! I was beginning to wonder if I would feel up to my Monday morning ride to work so I decided to take a "little" ride to see how my muscles fared.....21 km later and my husband thinks I'm nuts.....still going up and down the stairs like I have no joints in my legs....but plan to hit the trail on my bike first thing in the morning!! I have soooo many more KM to ride :)

    Posted 43 days ago
  • 21.0 km ride - Post Mud Hero Ride - July 9, 2017

    From Coldbrook-Waterville to Coldbrook

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  • 20.0 km ride - Fond Memories - July 5, 2017

    From Coldbrook-Kentville to coldbrook

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  • Good memories!
    5 Jul 2017

    So on my bike ride to day I was thinking of when I was younger....My Aunt Gail and cousin Kevin (who reminds me so much of my dad who is no longer with us) whom I had not seen in like 25 years came to visit NS from Ontario.... when I was young I spent a lot of time with her and my uncle B. I can remember the fire flies at the cottage and how we could walk in to the water at the lake and it didnt get deep.... It was soooo awesome to see them and share those memories and hear how my Aunt remembered them! So we began taking about the past and I came to realize it was my Aunt Gail and Uncle Bernard who bought me my first parents bought my brother a bike and me a Barbie because that is what I said I wanted....Aunt Gail would have none of that! They went right out and got me my very first awesome brand new bike..... I still remember it! I also remember being sad when I got a flat tire and could not ride it...My Aunt Bea came to the rescue and fixed that tire for me like nobody's business.....these are very special memories and I was so happy to share them this summer....It makes doing the Great Cycle Challenge even more special!! 50 years later and I'm still peddling like crazy!!! Every kid deserves the thrill of getting on a bike and riding like the wind!!!!

    Posted 47 days ago
  • Tuesday Morning Blues
    4 Jul 2017

    After a long weekend,Tuesday is the new Monday! Happy Canada Day to All !!! Oh gosh.....I so wanted to sleep in this morning.....when I woke up at 5:30 half an hour before my alarm was set for.....I came sooooo close to resetting my wake up time and skipping my ride............but then I remembered that it was going to be a sunny kind of a day and my plan included riding to work at 7am, riding home at noon, grabbing my car and heading back to work so I could go to 7pm yoga with Jacki !!!!! AND.... I am loving the early morning I did not want to miss it ....AND.....I still have a long way to go thanks to all of the support for my fundraising.... I am working on my next 661.5km of biking riding......hey anyone who would still like to make a donation I really don't mind tacking a few more KM's on....what's a few more right???? After this I just might be ready for a long winters nap like the bears!

    Posted 48 days ago
  • 20.0 km ride - Tuesday Morning blues - July 4, 2017

    From Coldbrook ns to coldbrook

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  • OK so now I know!!!!
    27 Jun 2017

    What a beautiful ride in to work this morning...I was full of vim and vigor and I think I made it in record time! So...around 3;30pm the rain begins....I hear Andrew down the hall saying he hears thunder....not so good for I keep checking out my window, getting Andrew to go on the satellite thingie to see if there is lightning and when it will pass......4pm still raining like cats and dogs.....425pm Alan asks me if I would like a ride home and I give in......we get out to the parking lot and I figure, no thunder, no lightning....hey the rain isn't even coming down as hard as earlier... My Hubbie calls and asks me "are you riding home?" my answer was Yes of course I am and I decide to ride it out!!! Alan was kind enough to take my back pack loaded with Crunchie Bear, Amazing Grace the troll, Super Grover and Leroy, so they don't have to brave the elements....and so it goes..... I get my biking gear on and head home....well it decides to start teaming problem (at least there is no head wind today!) what a BLAST of a rained down... the rain came up from the puddles and splashed my face....that, I was not ready for.... should have had goggles on, I'm still wiping dirt out of the corner of my eyes...but I loved every second of the ride.....when I was just down the street from my house...the sky decided to clear up....when I arrived home I was SOAKED from HEAD to TOE.......must say I loved riding in the rain as much I love running in the rain! OH and as I was riding I looked to my left and was graced with the appearance of a Great Blue Heron taking flight not 25 feet away.....would have missed that wonderful sight if I had chosen the easy way home!!!! It was so nice to be met at the door by my Husband who had a dry towel waiting for me!! AND I reached my 300KM goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yah whooooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    WHo knew that taking on this challenge would be such an awesome grateful to be able to contribute to such a wonderful and worthy cause!

    Posted 55 days ago
  • 20.0 km ride - It's Raining It's pouring be careful for what you ask for!! - June 27, 2017

    From Coldbrook -Kentville to Coldbrook

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  • June 26 I missed the rain!!!
    27 Jun 2017

    Well, I made it to work just ahead of the rain this morning! I'm actually looking forward to a ride in the rain.....I love running in the I expect I will enjoy a nice ride through the woods in the rain. June is soon coming to a close and I am so close to my 300km goal. I am thrilled with all the donations I have received for this cause. A big thanks to my cousin Lynda for her generous donation....being so close to the end of the month it has given me the extra jolt I need to keep on fund raising!

    Posted 55 days ago
  • 20.0 km ride - Last Monday of June! - June 26, 2017

    From Coldbrook -Kentville to Coldbrook

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  • 24.0 km ride - Riding with a friend! - June 22, 2017

    From Coldbrook -Kentville to far as time would allow at lunch and a bit more....yikes

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  • Thurday June 22! Lunch Ride with Dolores!
    23 Jun 2017

    My coworker Dolores rode her bike to work today in honor of the Great Cycle Challenge. Up until now she has been behind me 110%.... but today .... she was beside me! We had an awesome lunch time time ride....I so excited to have her join me that I forgot my helmet....she looked at me and thought I had this great wind swept look before she realized I was actually missing my back to the office I ran while she held my bike. I am looking forward to her company over the summer as work toward my ride goal which has just increased to an extra 636.5 KM over my initial 300KM!!! Looking forward to every KM!

    Posted 59 days ago
  • $1,000 raised to fight kids' cancer!

    I just hit $1,000 to fight kids' cancer! Thank you so much for your support.

    Posted 62 days ago
  • Indoor Rides
    20 Jun 2017

    Just completed my second ride indoors while I am home taking care of my husband as he recovers from surgery. I could not afford to miss a day as I get closer to that first goal of 300km..from there it looks like I will be putting in an entire summer of early morning rides to reach my second goal of an additional 495km...and counting. So worth it with all the support I have received for this awesome cause. Hope to be hitting the trail tomorrow, missing the early morning rides.....I miss Mr. Chipmunk too..... I'm beginning to think he is King of the Forest.

    Posted 62 days ago
  • 17.0 km ride - day 2 ride inside - June 20, 2017

    From coldbrook basement to coldbrook basement!

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  • 15.0 km ride - Indoor Ride day - June 19, 2017

    From coldbrook basement to coldbrook basement!

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  • I Love Surprises
    16 Jun 2017

    when I awoke this morning and checked my Facebook I was so happy and surprized! Thank you thank you Michelle, Crunchie and the boys, Renee, Amanda, Ashley, Mike and of course ANONYMOUS! for your awesome support. I have to say I had ssssooo much energy that I made it to work in record time on my bike this morning! Because of all your support I now have miles to ride before I sleep!!! I am now at 475 extra km that I have committed to riding......legs of steel they may call me! And to boot..... Super Grover has joined the gang! With each new addition, my back pack is getting heavier and heavier sigh..... I hear Super Grover is a Crosby fan......Im just sayin.....there aint no way that Sid the Kid is jumping on my pack!! but who knows???!!!

    Posted 66 days ago
  • 20.0 km ride - Super Grover joins the team - June 16, 2017

    From Coldbrook -Kentville to Coldbrook

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  • 20.0 km ride - Take the long way home! - June 15, 2017

    From Coldbrook ns to coldbrook

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  • Amazing Grace
    16 Jun 2017

    I am gathering quite the little menagerie as I embark on this journey. I have added Amazing Grace the Troll to the clan. So if you see this crazy person out there riding, just wave and smile....and know that I am supporting a great cause.

    It's so weird that every day I see Mr. Chipmunk. On this day he was enjoying a little"smackerel"as Winnie the Pooh would say. There he was sitting on the side of the path having his breakfast....I had to shooo him because I was afraid I might run in to him.....that would have been horrible! It was a beautiful cool morning ride.....nothing like starting you day with a lung full of cool fresh morning air and really feeling it!

    Posted 66 days ago
  • 20.0 km ride - Let's Kick it up! - June 16, 2017

    From Coldbrook ns to coldbrook

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  • Adam Ezra...nothings feeling better than those first rays of sunshine and she struts along the path that she is on
    13 Jun 2017

    After last nights thunder storm the spiders must have been busy because i'm sure I biked through several silken webs this morning. Saw Mr. Chipmunk too....busy morning in the forest! I am realizing how much I enjoy the early morning ride...what a great way to start my day! OMgosh but it was hot on the way home....YIKES x 2.

    OK so here it is....This goes out to Amy DUmke...girl you need to get a shorter memory chip in that pretty head of yours!...I made the mistake of thinking I would never reach my $500 goal and saying to Amy....for every $ I fund raise over the my $500 goal I will add one KM to my ride goal....of course she remembered and took no time in reminding me when she found out my fund raising was up to $650 I THINK I AM IN TROUBLE...Looks like I will be going a extra 150km at least ......insert emoji.....oh help! I am now at 151km which should be half way.... not any more I guess...right Amy???????!!!!! :/

    Erica lyrics " she cannot know the right road when you're worried that its wrong...

    Posted 69 days ago
  • 20.0 km ride - Spider morning - June 13, 2017

    From Coldbrook -Kentville to Coldbrook

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  • 10.0 km ride - Home again home again riding a jig! - June 12, 2017

    From Kentville to Coldbrook

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    12 Jun 2017

    I was so happy to see 2 more sponsor on my page this morning! big shout out to Ann and Suzette & Harry.... I have to tell you, with each new sponsor my motivation and excitement grows ... I am so very grateful for all the sponsors that have helped me exceed my goals for this very important cause. I am not slowing down! A special thought goes out to all the children and families who are dealing with this challenging illness. Keep the faith!

    Ellen Patton thank you so much for your enthusiasm you give me a turbo boost!!!! and make me laugh!

    Posted 70 days ago
  • Ragtop Angel-time to gamble on the life we chase....Adam Ezra
    12 Jun 2017

    After a couple of days rest I was ready to ride! Headed off to work on my bike at 7am! I have added another buddy to my ride....LeRoy my sock monkey given to me by my good friend Trudy I not only have a bear on my back, but a monkey on my back as well! Summer is here and I'm happy to be on my bike out running the black flies. I ran in to (not literally mind you) the gentleman that I met a week ago only today he was walking. He stopped me to ask if the black flies were bothering me on the bike...Nope they can't catch me! That's how I roll !!! So he was cutting his walk short to grab his bike for plan B. Oh and I saw Mr. Chipmunk having breakfast on the side of the path. I gave him a big hello! More later .....gotta make it home on my bike at the end of the day!

    Hot Hot Hot at the end of the day and summer has just begun....I think I am getting faster....just like Speedy Gonzales!! Rebbba Rebbaa underay underary.....ok I know that is not how Speedy would spell it!

    Posted 70 days ago
  • 10.0 km ride - Ragtop Angel - June 12, 2017

    From Coldbrook ns to Kentville Ns

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  • $500 raised to fight kids' cancer!

    I just hit $500 to fight kids' cancer! Thank you so much for your support.

    Posted 73 days ago
  • 14.0 km ride - Lunch time Ride - June 8, 2017

    From Kentville to Greenwich to Kentville Ns

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  • Best sunny morning yet!
    8 Jun 2017

    it is my 4th day in a row and I have tomorrow off of work! It was such a nice ride this morning....I was chilling to my music...listening to Adam Ezra....if you don't know who he is you need to check him out....his music is of my favorite lines is from his song "Dear Ms. Hallelujah" sometimes hides in the strangest of places..... his lyrics are awesome and I never tire of listening to him....they will keep me company on my rides!

    Decided to go for a lunch time ride instead of home at the end of the day......on the path past the dykes and in to Greenwich....I think I saw that Chipmunk I met the other day....he sure gets around. I have to say riding a bike with a bear on your back into a head wind is much harder that I thought....14 more Km to tack on and another $20 donation from my buddy Deb....

    Posted 74 days ago
  • 10.0 km ride - day 4 in a row whoop whoop - June 8, 2017

    From Coldbrook ns to Kentville Ns

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  • 20.0 km ride - I smell a skunk! YIKES - June 7, 2017

    From Coldbrook -Kentville to Coldbrook

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  • Day 3 in a row riding to work
    7 Jun 2017

    What a beautiful morning. Riding through the forest shade and looking ahead to the sunny patches that are ahead my lungs appreciate to cool fresh morning air. As I ride my thoughts create poetry and it is so beautiful...but it quickly evaporates much like the early morning mist. I love these poems that I have created over time that will always represent that moment in time and are mine alone. It is a bit sad that I have not captured them on paper to share....but thats ok. It then occurs to me as I create this beautiful poetry all in my head, that I forgot to turn my ipod on. Although I enjoy music when I run and ride, this was a very nice change. Try something different just might like it! More to come on my trip home at the end of the day......oh yeah almost forgot, forest creatures did not disappoint this I'm riding along, what do I smell.....yup the skunk skunk in sight but he left me with a warning!!!!! It's his forest too!

    Day 3 to work and home complete! Great ride home....first warm day with the sun continuing to shine down on me and the bear! A big thanks for the new donations.....I am so very close to reaching my goal....only $105 left to fund raise.....I am so happy about this! Anyone who would like to help the cause....just say the word!!!

    Day 3 in a row riding to work
    Posted 75 days ago
  • June 6 and counting......
    6 Jun 2017

    Great ride to and from work deer but a chipmunk decided not to mess with me! I like chipmunks! It was pretty pretty cold this morning with a strong did I mention cold head wind, I was just grateful it did not rain cuz in the words of WInnie the looks like rain....much nicer ride on the way home, cool with sunshine. Thanks for your supportive words today Bonnie M!

    Posted 76 days ago
  • 20.0 km ride - Cool morning - June 6, 2017

    From Coldbrook -Kentville to Coldbrook

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  • My Ride Home
    6 Jun 2017

    Monday June 5 after 2 weeks vacation....1st day back to work...ok I have to say that I have this feeling of gratitude for all that I am blessed with and I don't ever want a day to go by that I don't appreciate my life.....on my ride home through the woods today up ahead of me on the path is a deer, just standing there looking at I'm approaching.....just looking at I yell at it move....move ... and start waving my arm....I do not want a close encounter with a deer....finally off he goes in to the woods like he was never there..... :)

    Then when I got home, me and my bear Chrunchie decided to knock on some friends doors to ask for their support....Thank you for your donations and promises......Alan Sullivan at my office door first thing this morning with his donation...

    Posted 76 days ago
  • 19.5 km ride - Heigh ho heigh ho its off to work I go - June 5, 2017

    From Coldbrook ns to to Kentville and return

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  • It's June everyone!
    5 Jun 2017

    Riding on my way to work this morning I met a man on his bike....and I said....hey are doing the Great Cycle Challenge too? He had no idea what I was talking about so I gave him the 411....perhaps he will join next year....I will likely see him again as he is retired and has committed to riding and walking everyday since retirement.....

    So great first day of riding to work...lots of prep to make sure I have everything at the was a bit chill.... but in no time I was pretty warm realizing I was perfect the way I was! Looking forward to every ride. Oh and I have my Buddy Crunchie bear to keep me company.... He is my mascot for the Great Cycle Challenge only $185 dollars and 273 KM to go!!! ah no problem!

    UPDATE make that 253km to ride and $155 to fund raise thanks for the support from my neighborhood friends.

    Posted 77 days ago
  • 27.0 km ride - Vacation Ride - June 1, 2017

    From Attitash NH to Attitash Mtn. Village

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  • Thinking of my Mom
    13 Apr 2017

    Embarking on this challenge is an emotional ride for more than one reason...This is my first time fund raising for a cause on my own, in the past I have always found it easy to donate..... this endeavor is bringing back childhood memories of my mom. She use to fund raise for the Heart and Stroke foundation and for the Cancer foundation and would always have me take part in going door to door in our old neighborhood in Toronto collecting donations. She is no longer with me on this earth, but I feel her strong presence as I take part in this great cycle challenge!

    Posted 130 days ago
  • My First Donation!
    12 Apr 2017

    So excited to receive my first donation............and it's off to the races!

    Posted 131 days ago
  • Getting Ready!
    12 Apr 2017

    Mike and I went for a trial ride yesterday so see how much snow was on the old railway was an adventure....lots of mud and snowy ice which was a blast to ride through! Looking forward to it being completely melted so I can get in shape for June!

    Posted 131 days ago
  • 4 Apr 2017

    This June, I am taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge to fight kids' cancer!


    Because every child deserves a fighting chance and we all have the power to give them exactly that with our time and donations.

    Kids should be living life, not fighting for it.

    So I am raising funds through my challenge to help these kids and support SickKids Foundation to allow them to continue their work in developing treatments and finding a cure for childhood cancer.

    Please support me by making a donation to give these kids the brighter futures they deserve.

    Your support will change little lives in the biggest way possible.

    My heartfelt thanks everyone who is supporting this cause.

    Ready...Set............and I'm off.....keep posted!


    Posted 139 days ago
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