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Rank Name Raised
135th Mike Penner Mike Penner 7years $3,163
136th Jodi Biglow Jodi Biglow 3years $3,159
137th Kathy Douthart Kathy Douthart $3,157
138th Eric Kutschera Eric Kutschera 5years $3,155
139th Jackie Wallan Jackie Wallan $3,141
140th Ray Bock Ray Bock 3years $3,123
141st Emree Siaroff Emree Siaroff 6years $3,122
142nd Sue Dewar Sue Dewar 7years $3,116
143rd Susan Rattray Susan Rattray $3,108
144th Jay Slater Jay Slater $3,108
145th Tyler Ramsay Tyler Ramsay $3,108
146th Yves Viel Yves Viel 4years $3,099
147th Jennifer de Cocq Jennifer de Cocq 5years $3,099
148th Gus Farrell Gus Farrell $3,092
149th Natalie Leger Natalie Leger $3,091
150th Susan Johnston Susan Johnston 3years $3,090
151st Patricia Thornton Patricia Thornton 3years $3,087
152nd Allan Morris Allan Morris 2years $3,086
153rd Erin McFarland Erin McFarland 7years $3,063
154th Aaron Jacob Aaron Jacob 7years $3,040