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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jason Gosnay Jason Gosnay $0
N/A Jérémie Lamothe Gémus Jérémie Lamothe Gémus $0
N/A Jim Kennes Jim Kennes $0
N/A John Banman John Banman $0
N/A John Downes John Downes $0
138th John Wakefield John Wakefield $25
43rd Karen Jashyn Karen Jashyn $100
N/A Ken Maher Ken Maher $0
N/A Kris Morneau Kris Morneau $0
N/A Larissa Hillier Larissa Hillier $0
105th Laura Henderson Laura Henderson $35
N/A LeBlanc Scott LeBlanc Scott $0
N/A Lou Rankin Lou Rankin $0
43rd Madelyn Cross Madelyn Cross $100
N/A Marcel Richard Marcel Richard $0
23rd Martial Gerolami Martial Gerolami $170
N/A Martin Flanagan Martin Flanagan $0
N/A Megan Veale Megan Veale $0
N/A Michael Bruce Michael Bruce $0
89th Michelle Buchanan Michelle Buchanan $50