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Rank Name Raised
1991st Basil (Jerry) Jones Basil (Jerry) Jones $670
6389th Gabriel Stein Gabriel Stein $135
1854th Shawn Morgan Shawn Morgan $700
4820th Adrienne Edmunds Adrienne Edmunds $260
1832nd Matthew Rafuse Matthew Rafuse $705
5895th Eric Mah Eric Mah $170
N/A Marc-Antoine Gauvin Marc-Antoine Gauvin $0
568th Kent Greene Kent Greene $1,310
1354th Gary Burns Gary Burns $840
N/A Samantha Maisonneuve Samantha Maisonneuve $0
9896th Nicolas Gauthier Nicolas Gauthier $20
8748th Trevor Strutt Trevor Strutt $45
N/A Ethan MacLeod Ethan MacLeod $0
8059th Jason LeBel Jason LeBel $65
8243rd Phil Desmarais Phil Desmarais $50
272nd Jason Vettorel Jason Vettorel $1,820
8747th Mike Qiu Mike Qiu $46
1125th Julian service Julian service $945
608th Jesse English Jesse English $1,270
2548th Suzanne McNeill Suzanne McNeill $575