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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jonathan Low Jonathan Low $0
N/A Josie Dinsmore Josie Dinsmore $0
N/A Josué Thervil Josué Thervil $0
N/A Juanita Maillet Juanita Maillet $0
N/A Kaitlyn Hesp Kaitlyn Hesp $0
N/A Karen Fischer Karen Fischer $0
N/A Kelly Nicol Kelly Nicol $0
N/A Kerry Zelkovich Kerry Zelkovich $0
N/A Kiarra H Kiarra H $0
N/A kolten Davis kolten Davis $0
N/A Kris Morneau Kris Morneau $0
N/A Kris Scott Kris Scott $0
N/A Kristopher Lambert Kristopher Lambert $0
N/A Lance Ulrick Lance Ulrick $0
N/A Lara Parnell Lara Parnell $0
N/A Laurie Fischer Laurie Fischer $0
N/A Laurie Miranda Laurie Miranda $0
N/A Leeann Landry Leeann Landry $0
N/A Lise Thacker Lise Thacker $0
N/A Louise Pearce Louise Pearce $0