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Rank Name Raised
272nd William Cook William Cook $1,055
274th Kelly Wilson Kelly Wilson $1,050
274th Kent Greene Kent Greene $1,050
276th Jeni MacEwen Jeni MacEwen $1,045
276th Shelby McLean Shelby McLean $1,045
276th Steve Broadbent Steve Broadbent $1,045
279th Lielle Hollander Lielle Hollander $1,043
280th Colleen McKelvey Colleen McKelvey $1,040
280th Janet Gilmour Janet Gilmour $1,040
280th Jim Kidd Jim Kidd $1,040
280th Scott Faulconbridge Scott Faulconbridge $1,040
284th Cory Alyea Cory Alyea $1,035
285th Gregory Goana Gregory Goana $1,030
286th Joan Cleland Joan Cleland $1,025
286th Robert Gobby Robert Gobby $1,025
288th Alex Huber Alex Huber $170
288th Marieta Petrova Marieta Petrova $1,023
289th Bob Leach Bob Leach $1,020
289th Desmond O Connor Desmond O Connor $1,020
289th Mark Groundwater Mark Groundwater $1,020