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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jaime Sanchez Jaime Sanchez 3years $0
5100th JW Bell JW Bell 3years $500
2711th Linda Jorgensen Linda Jorgensen 6years $923
3546th Pat Crashtestdummy Garand Pat Crashtestdummy Garand $707
5083rd Rodolfo Jr Divinagracia Rodolfo Jr Divinagracia 2years $501
N/A Ron Garcia Ron Garcia $0
N/A Martha Vranesevic Martha Vranesevic 5years $0
4133rd Fabrice Maloigne Fabrice Maloigne $603
2398th Arkadiusz Broniarz Arkadiusz Broniarz 4years $1,028
5995th Aaron Kulchyski Aaron Kulchyski 2years $252
2424th AndrĂ© Pitre André Pitre 4years $1,023
482nd Brady Neasey Brady Neasey 3years $2,908
8497th Chris Zhang Chris Zhang 3years $20
3262nd Dan McLelland Dan McLelland 2years $769
1998th Eric Dare Eric Dare 3years $1,164
N/A Jason Moggridge Jason Moggridge $0
665th Jeff Lehmann Jeff Lehmann $2,518
1281st John Jones John Jones 3years $1,573
237th Kent Douglas Hill Kent Douglas Hill 3years $4,055
N/A Lee Hayward Lee Hayward 3years $0