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Rank Name Raised
174th Don Leslie Don Leslie $2,520.70
175th Tony Tracey Tony Tracey $2,518.96
176th Karin Allan Karin Allan $2,514.80
177th Gord Oliver Gord Oliver $2,511.22
178th Ben Rance Ben Rance $2,510
179th Norm Beltrame Norm Beltrame $2,508.13
180th Suzanne Beveridge Suzanne Beveridge $2,503.95
181st Mike Couture Mike Couture $2,500.04
182nd Chris Lawson Chris Lawson $2,500
182nd Jack Mailloux Jack Mailloux $2,500
182nd Jean Giachino Jean Giachino $2,500
185th Jack Gremmen Jack Gremmen $2,488.46
186th Deborah Grigg Deborah Grigg $2,473.97
187th Jessi Morris Jessi Morris $2,458.34
188th Grant Gilbert Grant Gilbert $2,457.08
189th Terry Corbett Terry Corbett $2,439.18
190th Alice Hayes Alice Hayes $2,436.14
191st Tia Julien Tia Julien $2,434.28
192nd Susan Belton Susan Belton $2,425.99
193rd Terry McKee Terry McKee $2,412.85