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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jacqui Hill Jacqui Hill $0
N/A Jacqui Liljequist Jacqui Liljequist $0
N/A Jacquie Gunderson Jacquie Gunderson $0
N/A Jacquie Labrie Jacquie Labrie $0
N/A Jacqulyn Brown Jacqulyn Brown $0
N/A Jad Attyej Jad Attyej $0
N/A Jad Dib Jad Dib $0
N/A Jad Kawas Jad Kawas $0
N/A Jad Wech Jad Wech $0
N/A Jada Needles Jada Needles $0
N/A Jade Aleah Jade Aleah $0
N/A Jade Belanger comtois Jade Belanger comtois $0
N/A Jade Cyr Jade Cyr $0
N/A Jade Desranleau Jade Desranleau $0
N/A Jade Gulash Jade Gulash $0
N/A Jade Henri Jade Henri $0
N/A Jade Hongerlood Jade Hongerlood $0
N/A Jade Lavina Jade Lavina $0
N/A Jade Macpherson Jade Macpherson $0
N/A Jade Neilson Jade Neilson $0