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Rank Name Raised
20th Laurie Fischer Laurie Fischer $5,155
21st Martial Gerolami Martial Gerolami $5,150
22nd John Osborn John Osborn $5,085
23rd Laura Laverty Laura Laverty $5,060
24th Wayne Maddix Wayne Maddix $5,053
25th Brian Wiese Brian Wiese $5,015
26th Robert Potts Robert Potts $4,962
27th Leslie MacLeod Leslie MacLeod $4,875
28th George Faria George Faria $4,865
29th Dan Pona Dan Pona $4,830
30th Michel Baril Michel Baril $4,720
31st Megan Routley Megan Routley $4,675
32nd Martin Winkel Martin Winkel $4,665
33rd Brayden Moore Brayden Moore $4,605
34th Sonny Sekhon Sonny Sekhon $4,390
35th Jenny & Scott Dietrich Jenny & Scott Dietrich $4,410
36th Sholom Vidal Sholom Vidal $4,349
37th Mike Engeland Mike Engeland $4,290
38th Dale Sorensen Dale Sorensen $4,275
39th Tracey Pierre Tracey Pierre $4,250