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Rank Name Raised
1427th Andrew barton Andrew barton 2years $1,478
314th Andrew Geyer Andrew Geyer $3,512
7935th Andrew Meyer Andrew Meyer 2years $36
137th Andy Maher Andy Maher $5,146
639th Anett Bunge Anett Bunge 2years $2,560
N/A Angelika Thomas Angelika Thomas 2years $0
8256th AngeloNicola Salvatore AngeloNicola Salvatore $35
N/A Anthony Banuelos Anthony Banuelos 3years $0
N/A Anto Jelavić Anto Jelavić 4years $0
6806th Antonio Nunes Jr. Antonio Nunes Jr. $125
4367th Aous Churbaji Aous Churbaji $567
1861st Arielle Villarin Arielle Villarin $1,224
2163rd Arjan de Haan Arjan de Haan 2years $1,103
3789th Arnaldo Moniz Arnaldo Moniz $72
N/A Arun Venkatesan Arun Venkatesan 3years $0
N/A Ashley Wayne McIvor Ashley Wayne McIvor $0
N/A Austin Stewart Austin Stewart $0
3664th Bana Zeeshan Bana Zeeshan 3years $683
2525th Barry Bigras Barry Bigras 3years $1,003