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Rank Name Raised
5288th Patrick Whiddon Patrick Whiddon $218
2648th Barry Smith Barry Smith $611
3836th Michelle Visca Michelle Visca $427
5343rd Gislain Ducharme Gislain Ducharme 5years $210
884th Hans Peter Liechti Hans Peter Liechti 4years $1,287
1351st Colin Jones Colin Jones 2years $1,018
1640th Nanci Simpson Nanci Simpson 7years $890
2298th Aaron Hoag Aaron Hoag 2years $689
3479th Michael Skidmore Michael Skidmore 4years $500
531st Brad Apking Brad Apking 2years $1,734
415th Chris Glydon Chris Glydon 4years $2,029
209th Libby Scholz Libby Scholz $2,893
470th Kimberly Scott Kimberly Scott $1,880
1272nd Rob Ternowski Rob Ternowski 3years $1,050
65th Paulette Fowell Paulette Fowell 3years $4,296
2643rd Don Durrel BIZOZA Don Durrel BIZOZA 2years $611
73rd Louise Hammond Louise Hammond 3years $4,175
2278th Xavier Le Gros Xavier Le Gros 3years $695
103rd Cory Li Cory Li 3years $3,700
4714th Connor Newall Connor Newall $290