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Rank Name Raised
60th Mike Janssen Mike Janssen 2years $854
61st Jared Simpson Jared Simpson 4years $842
62nd Andisheh Yazdanpanah Andisheh Yazdanpanah 4years $842
63rd Linda Moore Linda Moore 5years $837
64th Vincent Lee Vincent Lee $813
65th Chris Mazurkiewicz Chris Mazurkiewicz 3years $787
66th Chad Fenrick Chad Fenrick 2years $773
67th Marieta Petrova Marieta Petrova 5years $762
68th Leslie Zabiuk Leslie Zabiuk 4years $752
69th Rick Schroeder Rick Schroeder 6years $752
70th Geoffrey Hesler Geoffrey Hesler 3years $745
71st SaRah Nobary SaRah Nobary 6years $738
72nd Jason Gosnay Jason Gosnay 3years $735
73rd Ian Jameson Ian Jameson 4years $729
74th Martin Szydlowski Martin Szydlowski 3years $704
75th Luz Arandilla Luz Arandilla 2years $690
76th Julie Maillet Julie Maillet 2years $674
77th Elena Pollarolo Elena Pollarolo 4years $673
78th Julie Brown Julie Brown 6years $669
79th Stan MacNeil Stan MacNeil 3years $668