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Rank Name Raised
120th GF Spagnuolo GF Spagnuolo $1,425
120th Susan Tunnicliffe Susan Tunnicliffe $1,425
121st George Faria George Faria $2,813
122nd Lisa Wowchuk Lisa Wowchuk $1,415
123rd Jenn Ann Jenn Ann $1,405
123rd Lise LHeureux Lise LHeureux $1,405
123rd zac pregent zac pregent $1,405
126th Darryl Toews Darryl Toews $1,400
126th James D Carroll James D Carroll $1,400
126th Norm Beltrame Norm Beltrame $1,400
126th Phil Ouellette Phil Ouellette $1,400
126th Ron Paley Ron Paley $1,400
131st Anderson Bariani de Almeida Anderson Bariani de Almeida $1,390
131st Christian Tardi Christian Tardi $1,390
131st Melanie Szulga Melanie Szulga $1,390
134th Ryan Lee Ryan Lee $1,375
135th Nisha Sharma Nisha Sharma $1,370
136th Erin McGuire Erin McGuire $1,365
136th Jamie McQuay Jamie McQuay $1,365
138th Beverly Silverstone Beverly Silverstone $1,362