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Rank Name Raised
1st Jacob's Guys Jacob's Guys $18,499.01
Members of Jacob's Guys
3rd Dave McKenzie Dave McKenzie $10,461.82
93rd Mark Kyte Mark Kyte $3,268.24
190th Andy McCormick Andy McCormick $2,545
1247th Paul Attack Paul Attack $928.95
2nd Emmy's Emissaries Emmy's Emissaries $13,735.05
Members of Emmy's Emissaries
13th Scott Gillis Scott Gillis $7,070
91st Cheryl (and Sarah) Climie-Smith Cheryl (and Sarah) Climie-Smith $3,270
1001st sean kelly sean kelly $1,047.36
1134th Colin Climie Colin Climie $1,000.01
1904th Peter Barber Peter Barber $701.92
2749th Scott Vance Scott Vance $545.76
3rd Argentia or Bust 2019 Argentia or Bust 2019 $13,033.30
Members of Argentia or Bust 2019
822nd Eileen O'Brien Eileen O'Brien $1,150.44
2094th Jillian Butt Jillian Butt $660
N/A Ameet Oad Ameet Oad $560
3645th Karen Quigley Karen Quigley $371.29
N/A Bradford Saunders Bradford Saunders $98.30
5821st Pete Tillson Pete Tillson $80
7056th Stewart Hughes Stewart Hughes $20
4th Peachland Riders Peachland Riders $11,861.58
Members of Peachland Riders
38th Abby Kendall Abby Kendall $4,671.03
63rd Peter Kellerman Peter Kellerman $3,731.51
566th Barb Proulx Barb Proulx $1,439.21
1185th Rebecca Hildred Rebecca Hildred $972.99
1242nd Graham Steeves Graham Steeves $931.84
5th Northern Alberta StreamTeam Northern Alberta StreamTeam $10,146.59
Members of Northern Alberta StreamTeam
78th Howard Evans Howard Evans $3,519.94
238th Diane Estey Diane Estey $2,336.20
488th Tim Wollin Tim Wollin $1,556.92
1526th Peter Metcalfe Peter Metcalfe $819.17
2101st Lindsay Smitten Lindsay Smitten $658.52
2171st Suzanne Lidgren Suzanne Lidgren $642
3994th Kirk Gagne Kirk Gagne $293.84
4516th Blair StMartin Blair StMartin $200
6th Ingersoll Locals Ingersoll Locals $9,511.48
Members of Ingersoll Locals
18th Henrietta Olthoff Mulder Henrietta Olthoff Mulder $6,459.20
523rd Janelle Moskal Janelle Moskal $1,517.28
532nd Ingrid Eringa Ingrid Eringa $1,500
7th The Finest Blockheads The Finest Blockheads $8,734.70
Members of The Finest Blockheads
845th Geordie Campbell Geordie Campbell $1,137.05
866th Shannon Desborough Shannon Desborough $1,120.84
1050th Blair Slade Blair Slade $1,020
1075th Bob McCullough Bob McCullough $1,012.36
1369th Greg Puzak Greg Puzak $875
2036th Jack Leach Jack Leach $670
2051st Gary Desborough Gary Desborough $667.36
3116th Isaac Wurfel Isaac Wurfel $500.91
3138th Graham Spence Graham Spence $500
3138th Quinn Dougan Quinn Dougan $500
8th Rocky Mountain Riders Rocky Mountain Riders $8,667.62
Members of Rocky Mountain Riders
94th Rayanne Rodier Rayanne Rodier $3,242.15
532nd Mike Santry Mike Santry $1,500
986th Valerie Beynon Valerie Beynon $1,051.29
1117th Dave Burdett Dave Burdett $1,002.25
1508th Brian Innes Brian Innes $823.21
1931st David Gillespie David Gillespie $697.34
3705th Terry Morgan Terry Morgan $351.38
9th Codgers for Kids - Mission Possible! Codgers for Kids - Mission Possible! $7,870.48
Members of Codgers for Kids - Mission Possible!
32nd Rick Stadler Rick Stadler $5,008.48
134th Pat Brand Pat Brand $2,862
10th Cyclists Crushing Cancer Cyclists Crushing Cancer $7,748.14
Members of Cyclists Crushing Cancer
125th Jessi Morris Jessi Morris $2,985.28
830th Susan Shantz Susan Shantz $1,146.18
865th kris Hopping kris Hopping $1,121
2036th Stephen Pilcher Stephen Pilcher $670
2553rd Sarah Hauser Sarah Hauser $572.78
4400th Jen Bowlby Jen Bowlby $220
4780th Natalie Drope Natalie Drope $163.84
5185th Brian Nagel Brian Nagel $120
5427th Kerri Brownie Kerri Brownie $100
5672nd Leanne Gray Leanne Gray $92.34
5894th Derek Vinge Derek Vinge $70
6466th Nicolas Parlee Nicolas Parlee $40.96
6466th Rae Dias Rae Dias $40.96
6931st Peter Erickson Peter Erickson $25
N/A Danny Vanderbyl Danny Vanderbyl $0
N/A Elizabeth Cox Elizabeth Cox $0
N/A Hillerie Denning Hillerie Denning $0
N/A John Botelho John Botelho $0
N/A Kim Jaccard Kim Jaccard $0
N/A Krystal Francisty Krystal Francisty $0
N/A michelle booth michelle booth $0
N/A Roanne English Roanne English $0
N/A Terry McKall Terry McKall $0
11th Musicians4Kids Musicians4Kids $7,532.78
Members of Musicians4Kids
129th Heather Price Heather Price $2,917.34
494th Stanley Salsman Stanley Salsman $1,550
1050th Patrick Sawler Patrick Sawler $1,020
1135th Dale Sorensen Dale Sorensen $1,000
1712th Jack Chen Jack Chen $756.60
4138th Bob Lekivetz Bob Lekivetz $263.84
12th Choose life Choose life $7,142.73
Members of Choose life
148th Gerry Williscroft Gerry Williscroft $2,776.43
368th Mary Brust Mary Brust $1,841.62
627th Marjie Hyland Marjie Hyland $1,357.34
1442nd Caryn Clark Caryn Clark $847.34
4727th Christa Bissell Christa Bissell $170
13th Jasmin Jasmin $6,911.53
Members of Jasmin
130th Paul Proulx Paul Proulx $2,899.94
609th Julie Proulx Julie Proulx $1,375
953rd Fiona Tjoa Fiona Tjoa $907.53
1405th Krissy Fasano Krissy Fasano $860
1677th Joel Cyr Joel Cyr $769.06
14th Tuesday Trekkers Tuesday Trekkers $6,507.09
Members of Tuesday Trekkers
162nd Corrinne de Zoete Corrinne de Zoete $2,670.79
879th Jo Ann Novak Jo Ann Novak $1,114.15
1071st Janice Sommerfeld Janice Sommerfeld $1,014.26
1214th Kelley Searle Kelley Searle $947.45
1764th Dawn Marchi Dawn Marchi $740.44
15th Team Horizon Team Horizon $6,406.20
Members of Team Horizon
59th Paul Millar Paul Millar $3,876.20
1993rd Arlene Van Roon Arlene Van Roon $680
2018th sandy zalit sandy zalit $675
2391st John Van Roon John Van Roon $600
2534th Judi Neumeyer Judi Neumeyer $575
N/A mark zalit mark zalit $0
16th Nakusp Nakusp $6,349.43
Members of Nakusp
259th Karen Marshall Karen Marshall $2,213.84
707th Wells Marshall Wells Marshall $1,250
975th Sheila Seaton Sheila Seaton $1,056.31
3555th Lesley Hawe Lesley Hawe $400
3660th Jean Lancaster Jean Lancaster $365
4064th Kari Hascarl Kari Hascarl $279.69
4516th Den Mcm Den Mcm $200
5000th Janis Neufeld Janis Neufeld $140
6539th Terri Bland Terri Bland $35
N/A Colin Watson Colin Watson $0
N/A Dulcie Petterson Dulcie Petterson $0
N/A Monica Di Benedetto Monica Di Benedetto $0
17th Sycle Sistas Sycle Sistas $6,312.53
Members of Sycle Sistas
33rd Diane Declercq Diane Declercq $5,002.19
1604th Terrie Hager Terrie Hager $799.69
2986th Colleen Davidson Colleen Davidson $510.65
18th Sycling Salopes Sycling Salopes $6,253.33
Members of Sycling Salopes
316th Julie Gilbert Julie Gilbert $2,010.47
657th Abby Odland Abby Odland $1,313.21
N/A Lynne Belzile Lynne Belzile $1,050
N/A Louise Zieffle Louise Zieffle $696.31
3514th Deidre Hildebrand Deidre Hildebrand $409.59
3570th Lisa Odland Lisa Odland $398.52
3637th Vicki Gilbert Vicki Gilbert $375.23
N/A Colleen Smith Colleen Smith $0
19th The Flying Gabenors The Flying Gabenors $5,674.92
Members of The Flying Gabenors
91st Beth Johns Beth Johns $3,270
373rd Norris Turner Norris Turner $1,829.81
3131st Gayle Short Gayle Short $500.11
20th Team Jacob Strong - PEI Team Jacob Strong - PEI $5,307.21
Members of Team Jacob Strong - PEI
453rd Debbie Sutherland Debbie Sutherland $1,631.53
990th Brian Matthie Brian Matthie $1,050
1207th Paula Pickering Paula Pickering $951.29
1930th Lianne Murray Lianne Murray $697.56
3805th Lynn Anne Hogan Lynn Anne Hogan $327.77
3819th Danielle Gavin Danielle Gavin $325.65
5299th Olena Ponomarova Olena Ponomarova $116.49
5427th Marya Jayne DesRoches Marya Jayne DesRoches $100
6124th Jason Arsenault Jason Arsenault $57.77
6432nd Dmytro Ponomarov Dmytro Ponomarov $49.15
N/A Jeannine Carver Jeannine Carver $0
N/A Karen Ellis Karen Ellis $0
N/A Krista Hickey Krista Hickey $0
N/A Rochelle Sullivan Rochelle Sullivan $0
21st Guelphite Riders Guelphite Riders $5,226.35
Members of Guelphite Riders
230th Mary Nero Mary Nero $2,380.70
512th Heiko Voss Heiko Voss $1,530
1628th Laura Nero Laura Nero $787.88
3787th Char Rodd Char Rodd $332.77
5427th Alex Lisowsky Alex Lisowsky $100
6437th Marcia Santen Marcia Santen $45
22nd Solidarity Gears Solidarity Gears $5,218.74
Members of Solidarity Gears
170th Chris Lawson Chris Lawson $2,640
610th Debbie Ferren Debbie Ferren $1,374.59
924th Cheryl Stadnichuk Cheryl Stadnichuk $1,084.15
5722nd Brad Olson Brad Olson $85
23rd Two-Tired Express Two-Tired Express $5,204.76
Members of Two-Tired Express
1807th Rebecca Jean MacDonald Rebecca Jean MacDonald $725.33
1985th Julie Biso Julie Biso $683.21
2420th Norma MacIntyre Norma MacIntyre $599.48
2492nd Peggy Bethune Peggy Bethune $582.67
3332nd Max Craig Max Craig $470
3843rd Kathy Larter Kathy Larter $320
3940th Pat Craig Pat Craig $300
4124th Doug Craig Doug Craig $265
4360th Barb Brown Barb Brown $227.77
4780th Mary Laura Coady Mary Laura Coady $163.84
4888th Lisa Wheatley Lisa Wheatley $150
5839th Yvette Pritchett Yvette Pritchett $77.77
5848th Samantha Brown Samantha Brown $75
7056th David Brown David Brown $20
N/A Krista Cassell Krista Cassell $0
24th Cycle Buddies Cycle Buddies $4,530.21
Members of Cycle Buddies
89th Barbara Mercier Barbara Mercier $3,305.51
736th Dawn Windsor Dawn Windsor $1,224.70
25th Tomorrow’s Hope Tomorrow’s Hope $4,285.99
Members of Tomorrow’s Hope
179th George Armstrong George Armstrong $2,599.28
2086th Will Prentice Will Prentice $661.60
3131st Mat Manser Mat Manser $500.11
3886th Ian Seeney Ian Seeney $310
4671st Jenn Robeson Jenn Robeson $180
N/A Alexander James Alexander James $0
26th Still Counting Still Counting $4,187.08
Members of Still Counting
853rd Janet MacQuarrie Janet MacQuarrie $1,130
1119th Diane Elliott Diane Elliott $1,001.62
N/A Angela C Gibson Angela C Gibson $690.96
2302nd Bruce Elliott Bruce Elliott $617.67
3110th Allan Loiselle Allan Loiselle $501.07
4255th Brooke Reibling Brooke Reibling $245.76
27th Bike Chicks Bike Chicks $4,159.96
Members of Bike Chicks
137th Karen Briard Karen Briard $2,843.65
656th Ann McLuskie Ann McLuskie $1,316.31
28th Petal Pushers Petal Pushers $4,117.04
Members of Petal Pushers
317th Mary Ann Duynisveld Mary Ann Duynisveld $2,008.37
2070th Connie Fuller Connie Fuller $663.84
2387th Gene Jones Gene Jones $600.55
3923rd Carin Marr Carin Marr $304.26
4255th Margaret Brain Margaret Brain $245.76
4852nd Carol Trotter Carol Trotter $155
5769th Valerie Cook Valerie Cook $81.92
6125th Francine Young Francine Young $57.34
N/A Jen Christie Jen Christie $0
29th All Uphill from Here !! All Uphill from Here !! $4,043.92
Members of All Uphill from Here !!
1405th JoAnne Dietrich Muegge JoAnne Dietrich Muegge $860
1447th Paul Muegge Paul Muegge $845
1568th Dave Rickards Dave Rickards $808
2630th Renee Burns Renee Burns $560
3926th Meredith Stuebing Meredith Stuebing $303
4388th Connor Stuebing Connor Stuebing $223
4426th Danielle Breault Stuebing Danielle Breault Stuebing $219.92
5129th Sarah Sanders Sarah Sanders $125
5427th Rob Flemming Rob Flemming $100
30th Howick Momma's On A Mission ! Howick Momma's On A Mission ! $3,946.45
Members of Howick Momma's On A Mission !
1095th Jeni MacEwen Jeni MacEwen $1,007.03
1453rd Mary-Lynn Heimpel Mary-Lynn Heimpel $843.76
2548th Marilyn Gibson Marilyn Gibson $573.52
31st Summit Seekers Summit Seekers $3,933.73
Members of Summit Seekers
502nd Mariette Quimper Mariette Quimper $1,539.73
299th Noella Dancause Noella Dancause $1,354
2783rd Anne Desrosiers Anne Desrosiers $540
3138th Rose St Pierre Rose St Pierre $500
32nd Team Redmud Team Redmud $3,908.92
Members of Team Redmud
225th Tom Crowell Tom Crowell $2,425
602nd Dwayne Doucette Dwayne Doucette $1,383.92
33rd Looneychicks Looneychicks $3,904.42
Members of Looneychicks
333rd Chris Glydon Chris Glydon $1,944.42
2036th Jody Van Den Brink Jody Van Den Brink $670
2279th Janice Sumner Janice Sumner $620
2821st Linda Sinclair Linda Sinclair $535
34th L'Chaim - To Life L'Chaim - To Life $3,887.77
Members of L'Chaim - To Life
122nd Lorne Duke Lorne Duke $3,035
1823rd Francine Larose Francine Larose $722.77
N/A John Phillips John Phillips $0
35th 2 Hookers and a Back 2 Hookers and a Back $3,839.35
Members of 2 Hookers and a Back
116th Louise Pearce Louise Pearce $3,065.07
2099th Suzanne Goudreau Suzanne Goudreau $659.59
5316th Moira Shiels Moira Shiels $114.69
36th The Joy Riders The Joy Riders $3,761.95
Members of The Joy Riders
558th Nancy Di Matteo Nancy Di Matteo $1,448.95
1434th Lisa Thornton Lisa Thornton $850
1605th Josee DiTomasso Josee DiTomasso $798
2221st Linda DiMatteo Linda DiMatteo $630
37th WHITECROW's WHITECROW's $3,676.15
Members of WHITECROW's
2274th Norm Leybourne Norm Leybourne $3,014.86
2334th James Croteau James Croteau $611.29
6184th philippe audet philippe audet $50
38th Sunshine Sunshine $3,568.95
Members of Sunshine
1314th Theresa Stevason Theresa Stevason $3,106.81
3353rd Niki Mintenko Niki Mintenko $462.14
86th Douglas Carmody Douglas Carmody $3,389.60
40th Beautiful Lioness Beautiful Lioness $3,489.92
Members of Beautiful Lioness
294th Marc Mathurin Marc Mathurin $2,095
1383rd Alyssa Eccleston Alyssa Eccleston $871.29
2909th Clair Collins Clair Collins $523.63
N/A Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis $0
N/A Dominic Weinzierl Dominic Weinzierl $0
41st SFDCancerFighters SFDCancerFighters $3,432
Members of SFDCancerFighters
84th Curtis Chamberlayne Curtis Chamberlayne $3,432
42nd GoldenGirls GoldenGirls $3,379.19
Members of GoldenGirls
1069th Allyson Colgan Allyson Colgan $1,015
1073rd Amy Jones Amy Jones $1,013.32
1126th Megan McFarlane Megan McFarlane $1,000.87
43rd Single track slayers Single track slayers $3,356.92
Members of Single track slayers
654th Jason Smith Jason Smith $1,320
1634th Terry Wong Terry Wong $785
2391st Kris Mclean Kris Mclean $600
3700th Jason Larsen Jason Larsen $351.92
4204th Gerrod Stewart Gerrod Stewart $250
44th Northern Lights Cyclists Northern Lights Cyclists $3,271.06
Members of Northern Lights Cyclists
583rd Ben Linaker Ben Linaker $1,404.14
1369th Joey Donovan Joey Donovan $875
3456th Keelen Simpson Keelen Simpson $425
4252nd Tony Morris Tony Morris $246.92
4516th Rocky Simpson Rocky Simpson $200
45th Wheelie Tired Friends Wheelie Tired Friends $3,245
Members of Wheelie Tired Friends
190th Alex Bethke Alex Bethke $2,545
1912th Kristin Leblanc Kristin Leblanc $700
N/A kulwinder singh kulwinder singh kulwinder singh kulwinder singh $0
46th Spoke & Mirrors Spoke & Mirrors $3,242.27
Members of Spoke & Mirrors
1563rd Karen Brown Karen Brown $809.59
1657th Neil Morris Neil Morris $775
2070th Judy Cameron Judy Cameron $663.84
2442nd Rick Bertram Rick Bertram $593.84
3712th Heather Gramlow Heather Gramlow $350
6184th Bridget Wilson Bridget Wilson $50
47th Early To Bed - Early to Rise Early To Bed - Early to Rise $3,158.55
Members of Early To Bed - Early to Rise
351st Rick Vanderheyden Rick Vanderheyden $1,890
1710th Lance Ulrick Lance Ulrick $758.55
2990th Danelle Ulrick Danelle Ulrick $510
48th Gnarles Barkley Gnarles Barkley $3,151.44
Members of Gnarles Barkley
371st Andrea McDonald Andrea McDonald $1,834.39
655th Maureen Nadeau Maureen Nadeau $1,317.05
49th Journey Girls Journey Girls $3,139.50
Members of Journey Girls
500th Lynn Kelly-Sabasch Lynn Kelly-Sabasch $1,548.21
1434th Kathy Dyck Kathy Dyck $850
2774th Nancy Blevins Nancy Blevins $541.29
50th Pedal Mutch? Pedal Mutch? $3,090.65
Members of Pedal Mutch?
198th Mike Bryck Mike Bryck $2,525
3492nd Ashley Fric Ashley Fric $415.65