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Rank Name Raised
1st Ingersoll Locals Ingersoll Locals $4,023
Members of Ingersoll Locals
1st Henrietta Olthoff Mulder Henrietta Olthoff Mulder $3,358
117th Ingrid Eringa Ingrid Eringa $630
N/A Janelle Moskal Janelle Moskal $0
2nd Looneychicks Looneychicks $3,330
Members of Looneychicks
12th Chris Glydon Chris Glydon $1,790
202nd Linda Sinclair Linda Sinclair $535
214th Jody Van Den Brink Jody Van Den Brink $520
377th Janice Sumner Janice Sumner $350
3rd Choose life Choose life $3,180
Members of Choose life
24th Gerry Williscroft Gerry Williscroft $1,220
61st Marjie Hyland Marjie Hyland $820
80th Mary Brust Mary Brust $730
542nd Caryn Clark Caryn Clark $260
1194th Christa Bissell Christa Bissell $100
4th Jasmin Jasmin $2,755
Members of Jasmin
35th Julie Proulx Julie Proulx $1,135
120th Krissy Fasano Krissy Fasano $625
120th Paul Proulx Paul Proulx $625
505th Fiona Tjoa Fiona Tjoa $280
1429th Joel Cyr Joel Cyr $90
5th Single track slayers Single track slayers $2,690
Members of Single track slayers
20th Jason Smith Jason Smith $1,320
142nd Terry Wong Terry Wong $605
145th Kris Mclean Kris Mclean $600
1566th Jason Larsen Jason Larsen $70
2110th Gerrod Stewart Gerrod Stewart $45
6th Sycle Sistas Sycle Sistas $2,495
Members of Sycle Sistas
6th Diane Declercq Diane Declercq $2,460
2179th Colleen Davidson Colleen Davidson $35
7th Rocky Mountain Riders Rocky Mountain Riders $2,161
Members of Rocky Mountain Riders
49th Mike Santry Mike Santry $935
69th Rayanne Rodier Rayanne Rodier $776
453rd David Gillespie David Gillespie $300
873rd Terry Morgan Terry Morgan $150
N/A Teresa MacDonald Teresa MacDonald $0
8th Nakusp Nakusp $2,100
Members of Nakusp
15th Karen Marshall Karen Marshall $1,470
678th Wells Marshall Wells Marshall $210
697th Den Mcm Den Mcm $200
1566th Janis Neufeld Janis Neufeld $70
1808th Kari Hascarl Kari Hascarl $50
1808th Sheila Seaton Sheila Seaton $50
2623rd Jean Lancaster Jean Lancaster $25
2623rd Lesley Hawe Lesley Hawe $25
N/A Colin Watson Colin Watson $0
N/A Monica Rosa Di Benedetto Monica Rosa Di Benedetto $0
N/A Terri Bland Terri Bland $0
9th Team Horizon Team Horizon $2,055
Members of Team Horizon
117th Arlene Van Roon Arlene Van Roon $630
159th Judi Neumeyer Judi Neumeyer $575
399th John Van Roon John Van Roon $340
613th Paul Millar Paul Millar $235
697th sandy zalit sandy zalit $200
10th Early To Bed - Early to Rise Early To Bed - Early to Rise $1,970
Members of Early To Bed - Early to Rise
32nd Rick Vanderheyden Rick Vanderheyden $1,160
237th Lance Ulrick Lance Ulrick $500
438th Danelle Ulrick Danelle Ulrick $310
11th Guelphite Riders Guelphite Riders $1,705
Members of Guelphite Riders
35th Heiko Voss Heiko Voss $1,135
453rd Laura Nero Laura Nero $300
992nd Mary Nero Mary Nero $125
1194th Alex Lisowsky Alex Lisowsky $100
2110th Marcia Santen Marcia Santen $45
12th Two-Tired Express Two-Tired Express $1,475
Members of Two-Tired Express
553rd Peggy Bethune Peggy Bethune $255
613th Julie Biso Julie Biso $235
613th Rebecca Jean MacDonald Rebecca Jean MacDonald $235
647th Doug Craig Doug Craig $220
1194th Kathy Larter Kathy Larter $100
1455th Max Craig Max Craig $85
1517th Samantha Brown Samantha Brown $75
2623rd Yvette Pritchett Yvette Pritchett $25
2744th Barb Brown Barb Brown $20
N/A David Brown David Brown $0
N/A Krista Cassell Krista Cassell $0
N/A Pat Craig Pat Craig $0
13th Team Sarah Team Sarah $1,240
Members of Team Sarah
43rd Annette deVries Annette deVries $1,010
627th Mark Hamby Mark Hamby $230
N/A Candy Dell Candy Dell $0
14th Press Play & Strut Press Play & Strut $1,212
Members of Press Play & Strut
55th Francine Fallara Francine Fallara $870
N/A Micheline Fallara Micheline Fallara $50
N/A Michael Fallara Michael Fallara $0
15th The Flying Gabenors The Flying Gabenors $1,185
Members of The Flying Gabenors
137th Beth Johns Beth Johns $610
197th Norris Turner Norris Turner $540
N/A Gayle Short Gayle Short $0
16th Solidarity Gears Solidarity Gears $1,080
Members of Solidarity Gears
275th Cheryl Stadnichuk Cheryl Stadnichuk $465
330th Chris Lawson Chris Lawson $395
1194th Debbie Ferren Debbie Ferren $100
1455th Brad Olson Brad Olson $85
17th Charlie's Angels Charlie's Angels $1,005
Members of Charlie's Angels
214th Leslie Zabiuk Leslie Zabiuk $520
428th Linda Shea-Carter Linda Shea-Carter $385
18th Cambridge  1 Cambridge 1 $1,000
Members of Cambridge 1
81st Terry Gruber Terry Gruber $725
1517th Maureen Malleck Maureen Malleck $75
19th Wheelie Tired Friends Wheelie Tired Friends $950
Members of Wheelie Tired Friends
46th Alex Bethke Alex Bethke $950
N/A Kristin Leblanc Kristin Leblanc $0
N/A kulwinder singh kulwinder singh kulwinder singh kulwinder singh $0
20th Bike Babes Bike Babes $865
Members of Bike Babes
109th Kelly Davies Kelly Davies $645
647th Adine Thivierge Adine Thivierge $220
21st Summit Seekers Summit Seekers $845
Members of Summit Seekers
318th Mariette Quimper Mariette Quimper $400
594th Noella Dancause Noella Dancause $245
697th Anne Desrosiers Anne Desrosiers $200
N/A Rose St Pierre Rose St Pierre $0
22nd Codgers for Kids - Mission Possible! Codgers for Kids - Mission Possible! $774
Members of Codgers for Kids - Mission Possible!
70th Pat Brand Pat Brand $774
N/A Rick Stadler Rick Stadler $0
23rd L'Chaim - To Life L'Chaim - To Life $759
Members of L'Chaim - To Life
168th Lorne Duke Lorne Duke $574
773rd Francine Larose Francine Larose $185
N/A John Phillips John Phillips $0
24th Team Leo Team Leo $700
Members of Team Leo
87th Tanya Schwitzer Tanya Schwitzer $700
N/A Kyla Cook Kyla Cook $0
25th Legs Miserables Legs Miserables $670
Members of Legs Miserables
120th Mandie Clark Mandie Clark $625
2110th Ron Barbour Ron Barbour $45
26th Lord Jonny and The Rockets Lord Jonny and The Rockets $670
Members of Lord Jonny and The Rockets
97th Jonny Silverstein Jonny Silverstein $670
27th Women on Wheela Women on Wheela $635
Members of Women on Wheela
145th Cindy Risebrough Cindy Risebrough $600
N/A Sabrina Lang Sabrina Lang $35
28th All for one, one for all All for one, one for all $630
Members of All for one, one for all
266th Matt Russell Matt Russell $485
1566th Faudie Shaw Faudie Shaw $70
1808th Darlene Guay Darlene Guay $50
29th Ride for Tyce Ride for Tyce $605
Members of Ride for Tyce
142nd Chelsey Bellefeuille Chelsey Bellefeuille $605
30th Hemp Crewzers Hemp Crewzers $570
Members of Hemp Crewzers
169th Jared Simpson Jared Simpson $570
N/A Aaron Cassels Aaron Cassels $0
N/A Bryce Desender Bryce Desender $0
N/A Candace Trach Candace Trach $0
31st The Bailing Bikers The Bailing Bikers $570
Members of The Bailing Bikers
368th Heidi Bowie Heidi Bowie $205
1161st Rebecca Woods Rebecca Woods $105
32nd Girl power Girl power $560
Members of Girl power
N/A Jamie Boucher Jamie Boucher $360
697th Jacqueline Maye Jacqueline Maye $200
33rd Ride 'N Shine Ride 'N Shine $545
Members of Ride 'N Shine
190th Glen Berger Glen Berger $545
34th The Spinners The Spinners $540
Members of The Spinners
197th Tina Barton Tina Barton $540
35th Jon's Avengers Jon's Avengers $500
Members of Jon's Avengers
237th Jon Miller Jon Miller $500
N/A Deanna Lewicki Deanna Lewicki $0
36th RuralRiders RuralRiders $475
Members of RuralRiders
271st Lesley Burton Lesley Burton $475
37th Gnarles Barkley Gnarles Barkley $450
Members of Gnarles Barkley
282nd Maureen Nadeau Maureen Nadeau $450
38th Cyclopaths Cyclopaths $420
Members of Cyclopaths
493rd Mike Poitras Mike Poitras $285
1517th Wayne Ferguson Wayne Ferguson $75
2179th Vi Poitras Vi Poitras $35
2623rd Guy Dugas Guy Dugas $25
Members of WHITECROW's
2274th Norm Leybourne Norm Leybourne $395
N/A James Croteau James Croteau $0
40th Healing' Hache Healing' Hache $378
Members of Healing' Hache
347th Patty Steele Patty Steele $378
N/A Kristen Sweet Kristen Sweet $0
41st Calver Calver $375
Members of Calver
792nd Jennifer Calver Jennifer Calver $175
N/A Daryl Calver Daryl Calver $0
42nd Sycling Salopes Sycling Salopes $360
Members of Sycling Salopes
757th Julie Gilbert Julie Gilbert $190
N/A Lynne Belzile Lynne Belzile $100
1566th Abby Odland Abby Odland $70
N/A Colleen Smith Colleen Smith $0
N/A Deidre Hildebrand Deidre Hildebrand $0
N/A Lisa Odland Lisa Odland $0
N/A Vicki Gilbert Vicki Gilbert $0
43rd Ride like the Winded Ride like the Winded $330
Members of Ride like the Winded
531st Jennifer McIntyre Jennifer McIntyre $265
1740th Tammi Wicks Tammi Wicks $65
44th Not Fast Just Furious Not Fast Just Furious $325
Members of Not Fast Just Furious
805th Amela Daw Amela Daw $170
2179th Rolanda Goertz Rolanda Goertz $35
2744th Lilibeth Normand Lilibeth Normand $20
45th Shut-Up Legs Shut-Up Legs $325
Members of Shut-Up Legs
417th Jason Rainville Jason Rainville $325
N/A George Homer George Homer $0
46th All Uphill from Here !! All Uphill from Here !! $310
Members of All Uphill from Here !!
493rd Paul Muegge Paul Muegge $285
2623rd Dave Rickards Dave Rickards $25
N/A Danielle Breault Stuebing Danielle Breault Stuebing $0
N/A JoAnne Dietrich Muegge JoAnne Dietrich Muegge $0
N/A Rob Flemming Rob Flemming $0
47th EandT EandT $305
Members of EandT
518th Ernest Redquest Ernest Redquest $270
N/A Terri Wadden Terri Wadden $0
48th Team Jacob Strong - PEI Team Jacob Strong - PEI $305
Members of Team Jacob Strong - PEI
493rd Paula Pickering Paula Pickering $285
2744th Danielle Gavin Danielle Gavin $20
N/A Debbie Sutherland Debbie Sutherland $0
N/A Dmytro Ponomarov Dmytro Ponomarov $0
N/A Karen Ellis Karen Ellis $0
N/A Krista Hickey Krista Hickey $0
N/A Lianne Murray Lianne Murray $0
N/A Lynn Anne Hogan Lynn Anne Hogan $0
N/A Olena Ponomarova Olena Ponomarova $0
49th Emmy's Emissaries Emmy's Emissaries $300
Members of Emmy's Emissaries
1194th Colin Climie Colin Climie $100
1194th Peter Barber Peter Barber $100
1194th Scott Gillis Scott Gillis $100
N/A Cheryl (and Sarah) Climie-Smith Cheryl (and Sarah) Climie-Smith $0
50th Ruckus Ruckus $300
Members of Ruckus
1194th Shawn Brown Shawn Brown $100
N/A Mike Millar Mike Millar Mike Millar Mike Millar $0
N/A Neil Ireland Neil Ireland $0