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Rank Name Raised
1st Tour du Frendz Tour du Frendz $17,708
Members of Tour du Frendz
83rd Rick Bueckert Rick Bueckert $1,915
96th Jon Miller Jon Miller $1,729
130th Adam Lerner Adam Lerner $1,489
138th Krista Floren Krista Floren $1,445
148th Norm Beltrame Norm Beltrame $1,400
318th Judy Schram Judy Schram $1,000
628th Ryan Wiebe Ryan Wiebe $690
853rd Karen Jashyn Karen Jashyn $575
906th Lisa Ramsay Lisa Ramsay $555
299th Darlene Fontaine Darlene Fontaine $540
2618th Tammy Sylvester Tammy Sylvester $150
3071st Patti Berube Patti Berube $115
3537th Gloria Baudry Gloria Baudry $85
4117th Marisa Hernandez Marisa Hernandez $50
5514th Irene Wasilewski Irene Wasilewski $20
N/A Akshay Agarwal Akshay Agarwal $0
N/A Ally Dumaua Ally Dumaua $0
2nd Geronimo’s Geronimo’s $9,493
Members of Geronimo’s
11th Martial Gerolami Martial Gerolami $4,595
27th Eric Bedard Eric Bedard $3,003
258th Titsa Vlahakis Titsa Vlahakis $1,100
1050th Andrew Gerolami Andrew Gerolami $515
3483rd Jayden Desjardins Jayden Desjardins $95
3rd Team Ronnie Joy Team Ronnie Joy $6,774
Members of Team Ronnie Joy
247th Ari Hollander Ari Hollander $1,131
290th Lielle Hollander Lielle Hollander $1,043
551st Ella Guttman Ella Guttman $738
798th Ezra Jegher Ezra Jegher $603
1004th Jack Steiner Jack Steiner $527
1092nd Lauren Jegher Lauren Jegher $502
1261st Tal Abenhaim Tal Abenhaim $450
1306th Sam Banon Sam Banon $426
1971st Nataniel Malca Nataniel Malca $250
2898th Rozy Gee Rozy Gee $122
2898th Sarah Gniwisch Sarah Gniwisch $122
3125th Shira Fishman Shira Fishman $108
3125th Shmuel Fishman Shmuel Fishman $108
4114th Dvorah Fishman Dvorah Fishman $54
5303rd Zalmy Gniwisch Zalmy Gniwisch $32
5340th Raphael Kadoch Raphael Kadoch $26
N/A Adrianne Drazin Adrianne Drazin $0
N/A Candice Benizri Candice Benizri $0
N/A Daniel Bybelezer Daniel Bybelezer $0
N/A Gabriel Lack Gabriel Lack $0
N/A Liam Lack Liam Lack $0
4th Viking Moose Cancer Busters Viking Moose Cancer Busters $6,608
Members of Viking Moose Cancer Busters
20th George Faria George Faria $3,568
572nd Amanda Burchert Amanda Burchert $720
697th Pete Slater Pete Slater $640
1341st Craig Randell Craig Randell $410
2066th caroline Garnier-Baril caroline Garnier-Baril $235
2232nd Noah Randell Noah Randell $205
2475th Chris Scala Chris Scala $170
2573rd John Carlos Costa John Carlos Costa $155
2573rd Julianna Xenophontos Julianna Xenophontos $155
2902nd Emma Randell Emma Randell $120
2902nd Isabella Xenophontos Isabella Xenophontos $120
4027th Taylor Faria Taylor Faria $60
4117th Denholm Blair Denholm Blair $50
5th Codgers for Kids: Mission Possible Codgers for Kids: Mission Possible $6,331
Members of Codgers for Kids: Mission Possible
65th Pat Brand Pat Brand $2,101
77th Rick Stadler Rick Stadler $1,960
97th Darren Uyeno Darren Uyeno $1,690
849th Jeremy Brand Jeremy Brand $580
N/A Ruben de Guzman Jr Ruben de Guzman Jr $0
6th Pop-cycle! Pop-cycle! $5,785
Members of Pop-cycle!
193rd Katie Moore Katie Moore $1,275
203rd Elise Johnston Elise Johnston $1,255
302nd Simone Staats Simone Staats $1,020
479th Danielle Mifflin Danielle Mifflin $795
1313th Alex Ciarma Alex Ciarma $420
1329th Hannah Kennedy Hannah Kennedy $415
2858th Jessica Blair Jessica Blair $125
3128th Christina Raspburg Christina Raspburg $105
7th Ingersoll Riders Ingersoll Riders $4,895
Members of Ingersoll Riders
8th Henrietta Olthoff Mulder Henrietta Olthoff Mulder $4,895
8th Apex Apex $3,981
Members of Apex
40th Harpreet Bajwa Harpreet Bajwa $2,560
152nd Pin Mistry Pin Mistry $1,385
4615th Narendra Barpa Narendra Barpa $36
9th GCC Easy Riders GCC Easy Riders $3,920
Members of GCC Easy Riders
43rd Dana Coulombe Dana Coulombe $2,500
248th Rick Schroeder Rick Schroeder $1,125
2346th Gail Moore Gail Moore $195
N/A Akhil Abraham Akhil Abraham $0
N/A Linda Schroeder Linda Schroeder $0
10th Big Ass Riders Big Ass Riders $3,675
Members of Big Ass Riders
233rd Nancy Di Matteo Nancy Di Matteo $1,155
346th Linda DiMatteo Linda DiMatteo $965
605th Josee DiTomasso Josee DiTomasso $700
784th Lisa Thornton Lisa Thornton $605
1971st Dana Benoit Dana Benoit $250
N/A Ashley Cameron-Aquino Ashley Cameron-Aquino $0
N/A Shirley Tymchuk Shirley Tymchuk $0
11th Left Shark Left Shark $3,559
Members of Left Shark
30th Bill Vandenberk Bill Vandenberk $2,879
1298th Bri Driscoll Bri Driscoll $430
1971st Lee-Jay Cluskey-Belanger Lee-Jay Cluskey-Belanger $250
12th Coast Busters Coast Busters $3,370
Members of Coast Busters
37th Nicholas Whitmell Nicholas Whitmell $2,655
583rd Chris Mazurkiewicz Chris Mazurkiewicz $715
13th ABI Cyclists ABI Cyclists $3,315
Members of ABI Cyclists
80th Roger Smith Roger Smith $1,935
105th Stan MacNeil Stan MacNeil $910
1480th Anthony English Anthony English $365
4618th Andre Vautour Andre Vautour $35
14th Jasmin Jasmin $3,240
Members of Jasmin
200th Julie Proulx Julie Proulx $1,260
272nd Paul Proulx Paul Proulx $1,070
371st Andrew Jason Lindsay Andrew Jason Lindsay $910
15th Go for the Clutch! Go for the Clutch! $3,222
Members of Go for the Clutch!
194th Sam Spagat Sam Spagat $1,271
276th Patricia Graham Patricia Graham $1,061
892nd Jade Goodman Jade Goodman $560
2145th Christen La Christen La $220
4618th Michael Litvak Michael Litvak $35
N/A Angelo Velasco Angelo Velasco $0
16th Motivation Motivation $3,178
Members of Motivation
35th Angela Biyak Angela Biyak $2,678
1574th Kristin McCrindle Kristin McCrindle $335
4542nd Kelly Munroe Kelly Munroe $45
4542nd Larissa Munroe Larissa Munroe $45
N/A Chris Benson Chris Benson $0
N/A Norm Munroe Norm Munroe $0
N/A Stuart McKelvie Stuart McKelvie $0
17th Vélo Mélo Vélo Mélo $2,857
Members of Vélo Mélo
55th Curtis Hughes Curtis Hughes $2,285
1096th Lorena Melinte Lorena Melinte $500
3710th Dorsa Gholi Dorsa Gholi $72
18th Mighty Malcolm and Friends Mighty Malcolm and Friends $2,780
Members of Mighty Malcolm and Friends
235th Jerry Kooymans Jerry Kooymans $1,150
1077th Carolyn Kooymans Carolyn Kooymans $505
1389th Christian Cartwright Christian Cartwright $395
1853rd Joshu Robertson Joshu Robertson $270
2365th Sterling Wright Sterling Wright $190
3199th Gerrie O’Brien Gerrie O’Brien $100
4618th Stephanie Wright Stephanie Wright $35
N/A Wyatt Danowski Wyatt Danowski $0
19th Kancer Killaz Kancer Killaz $2,695
Members of Kancer Killaz
61st Jaz Seera Jaz Seera $2,180
1645th Manjeet Lotey Virdee Manjeet Lotey Virdee $315
3199th Mani Sira Mani Sira $100
N/A Avtar Mohar Avtar Mohar $0
N/A Karan Mohar Karan Mohar $0
N/A Shannon Ramlal Shannon Ramlal $0
20th Vagrant MTB Vagrant MTB $2,615
Members of Vagrant MTB
71st Andre Laurent Andre Laurent $2,050
886th Jimmy Au Jimmy Au $565
N/A Dawn Laurent Dawn Laurent $0
21st Hammrfit Hammrfit $2,540
Members of Hammrfit
79th Breanne Watson Breanne Watson $1,945
818th Megan Hamm Megan Hamm $595
22nd Coletrain2 Coletrain2 $2,525
Members of Coletrain2
42nd Sandra Cole Sandra Cole $2,525
23rd Jenny and The Shifters Jenny and The Shifters $2,490
Members of Jenny and The Shifters
652nd Jennifer Baron Jennifer Baron $670
800th Dan Stone Dan Stone $600
3199th Jeff Baron Jeff Baron $100
3714th Carina Gustafsson-Smith Carina Gustafsson-Smith $70
4117th Linnea Geraghty Linnea Geraghty $50
4117th Mark Geraghty Mark Geraghty $50
4117th Michael Pettit Michael Pettit $50
N/A Arman Shahzad Arman Shahzad $0
N/A Deb McGuire Deb McGuire $0
N/A Marcia Moore Marcia Moore $0
24th Victoria Riders Victoria Riders $2,445
Members of Victoria Riders
463rd Scott Lowery Scott Lowery $805
973rd Jimmy Arauz Jimmy Arauz $535
1389th Garrick Heathcote Garrick Heathcote $395
1616th Kyle Clarke Kyle Clarke $320
2780th Simon Shepherd Simon Shepherd $135
3199th Sequoyah Basil Sequoyah Basil $100
4618th Chris Ferguson Chris Ferguson $35
N/A Angie McNeely Angie McNeely $0
N/A Margaret Mawien Margaret Mawien $0
N/A Quin Turner Quin Turner $0
N/A Sebastian Preston Sebastian Preston $0
N/A Stefan Bigauskas Stefan Bigauskas $0
25th No Chain No Gain No Chain No Gain $2,320
Members of No Chain No Gain
313th Ethan Teague Ethan Teague $1,005
442nd Jeffrey Zuber Jeffrey Zuber $830
1419th Dallas Windibank Dallas Windibank $385
26th Les Boys 🤔 🚲 Les Boys 🤔 🚲 $2,280
Members of Les Boys 🤔 🚲
328th Frederic Fortier Frederic Fortier $990
572nd François Veilleux François Veilleux $720
1096th Sylvain Gendron Sylvain Gendron $500
5514th William Leclerc William Leclerc $20
27th Firetruck Dragon Boat Cycling Club Firetruck Dragon Boat Cycling Club $2,275
Members of Firetruck Dragon Boat Cycling Club
298th Gregory Goana Gregory Goana $1,030
521st Tommy Goana Tommy Goana $765
2529th Sharon He Sharon He $165
3714th Eric Mah Eric Mah $70
4117th Anika Cheng Anika Cheng $50
5341st Louisa Tsang Louisa Tsang $25
5767th Alison Lim Alison Lim $10
5767th Anita So Anita So $10
5767th Bosco Ng Bosco Ng $10
5767th Eliza Lim Eliza Lim $10
5767th Karen L Karen L $10
28th Team Sarah Team Sarah $2,245
Members of Team Sarah
69th Mark Hamby Mark Hamby $2,070
2858th Annette deVries Annette deVries $125
4117th Candy Dell Candy Dell $50
29th Rowntree Rollers Rowntree Rollers $2,235
Members of Rowntree Rollers
296th Scott Mcdevitt Scott Mcdevitt $1,035
328th Gurpreet Jassal Gurpreet Jassal $990
2547th Paul Kotschorek Paul Kotschorek $160
N/A Satyanand Goolsarran Satyanand Goolsarran $0
30th Well Spoke'n Well Spoke'n $2,094
Members of Well Spoke'n
189th Graeme Budge Graeme Budge $1,284
675th Tracy Souza Tracy Souza $655
2573rd Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Johnson $155
N/A Chris Johnson Chris Johnson $0
N/A Georgia Barnard Georgia Barnard $0
N/A Kelly Wilkieson Kelly Wilkieson $0
31st Etobs Crew Etobs Crew $2,000
Members of Etobs Crew
1096th Daniel Cassano Daniel Cassano $500
1096th Fred Cassano Fred Cassano $500
1096th Liam Cassano Liam Cassano $500
1096th Linda Cianci Linda Cianci $500
N/A jax lamey jax lamey $0
N/A Ki Jinn Chin Ki Jinn Chin $0
N/A Max Greaves Max Greaves $0
N/A Rachel Chin Rachel Chin $0
N/A Xander Chin Xander Chin $0
N/A Xavier D'silva Xavier D'silva $0
32nd Triple Threat Triple Threat $1,915
Members of Triple Threat
291st Janet Gilmour Janet Gilmour $1,040
826th Brenda Done Brenda Done $590
1783rd Pat Drews Pat Drews $285
33rd The Carbon Cycle The Carbon Cycle $1,898
Members of The Carbon Cycle
416th Greg Cousins Greg Cousins $863
1096th Helena Cousins Helena Cousins $500
N/A Shavon Green Shavon Green $0
34th Easy Riders Easy Riders $1,840
Members of Easy Riders
697th Adam Wenn Adam Wenn $640
800th Michelle Yi Michelle Yi $600
1971st Elliott Yu Elliott Yu $250
4968th Marcia Peraza Marcia Peraza $205
N/A Jen Tamburrini Jen Tamburrini $0
N/A Matt Zelsman Matt Zelsman $0
N/A Pat Elia Pat Elia $0
N/A Timothy Milosevic Timothy Milosevic $0
35th Little Bikes for Little Lives Little Bikes for Little Lives $1,840
Members of Little Bikes for Little Lives
277th John Mackinnon John Mackinnon $1,060
952nd Asa Reynolds Asa Reynolds $545
2111th David Hintelmann David Hintelmann $225
5767th Adam Theriault Adam Theriault $10
36th Coasters Coasters $1,825
Members of Coasters
318th Lesley Edwards Lesley Edwards $1,000
572nd Wendy St Pierre Wendy St Pierre $720
3714th Shannon Lane Shannon Lane $70
4618th Kaelynn Belanger-Lane Kaelynn Belanger-Lane $35
37th Inspire Team Inspire Team $1,760
Members of Inspire Team
151st Anderson Bariani de Almeida Anderson Bariani de Almeida $1,390
1695th Erasmo Santos Erasmo Santos $300
38th Nurses Gone Biking Nurses Gone Biking $1,720
Members of Nurses Gone Biking
864th Nicole McLaren Nicole McLaren $570
1063rd Sara MacNeil Sara MacNeil $510
1096th Nolyn Heuser Nolyn Heuser $500
3714th Vern Leigh Vern Leigh $70
4618th Hailey Sharko Hailey Sharko $35
39th Pedal Warriors Pedal Warriors $1,710
Members of Pedal Warriors
432nd Tanya McCarron Tanya McCarron $845
442nd Becky Luedtke Becky Luedtke $830
4618th Roxane Dugaro-Scott Roxane Dugaro-Scott $35
40th Cross Canada Friends Cross Canada Friends $1,697
Members of Cross Canada Friends
158th Beverly Silverstone Beverly Silverstone $1,362
2780th Pamela Sweetman Pamela Sweetman $135
41st Pedal for the cause Pedal for the cause $1,685
Members of Pedal for the cause
524th Arian Tafti Arian Tafti $1,185
1096th Matin Asi Matin Asi $500
N/A Julien Hagens Julien Hagens $0
42nd Look Ma no hands! Look Ma no hands! $1,670
Members of Look Ma no hands!
352nd Larry Charach Larry Charach $955
1270th Lisa Riou Lisa Riou $445
3199th Nancy Klimczak Nancy Klimczak $100
4117th Courtnée Riou Courtnée Riou $50
4117th Megan Riou Megan Riou $50
4618th Sherry Lee Sherry Lee $35
N/A Colleen Hanrahan Colleen Hanrahan $0
N/A Louise Yakielashek Louise Yakielashek $0
43rd El Givers Team El Givers Team $1,660
Members of El Givers Team
119th Christopher Cacapit Christopher Cacapit $1,545
3071st Michelle Joy Cacapit Michelle Joy Cacapit $115
N/A J-than Quindipan J-than Quindipan $0
230th Eddison Shoon Eddison Shoon $1,165
3071st Sharon Booth Sharon Booth $115
N/A Christina Latchu Christina Latchu $0
N/A Hatim Jivanjee Hatim Jivanjee $0
N/A Terry Kelly Terry Kelly $0
45th Howick Mommas on a Mission Howick Mommas on a Mission $1,645
Members of Howick Mommas on a Mission
287th Jeni MacEwen Jeni MacEwen $1,045
864th Marilyn Gibson Marilyn Gibson $570
46th Beach Cruisers Beach Cruisers $1,635
Members of Beach Cruisers
605th Amy McCracken Amy McCracken $700
886th Nancy Watt Nancy Watt $565
1783rd Greg McConnell Greg McConnell $285
4117th Krystal Dayton Krystal Dayton $50
4618th Nicole Taylor Nicole Taylor $35
N/A Bill Lumberg Bill Lumberg $0
47th F.U Cancer it’s my Bike F.U Cancer it’s my Bike $1,620
Members of F.U Cancer it’s my Bike
161st Jay Chenier Jay Chenier $1,355
1895th Adam Lariviere Adam Lariviere $265
N/A Hubby Lee Hubby Lee $0
N/A Yves Viel Yves Viel $0
48th Kick Cancers Butt Kick Cancers Butt $1,591
Members of Kick Cancers Butt
713th Cassie Major Cassie Major $635
1096th Colleen Major Colleen Major $500
1252nd Anna Cadotte Anna Cadotte $456
49th Manditos Manditos $1,575
Members of Manditos
336th Tom St. Amand Tom St. Amand $985
826th Frank Brennan Frank Brennan $590
50th Fantastic 585 Fantastic 585 $1,555
Members of Fantastic 585
363rd Justin Cocks Justin Cocks $925
1518th Ray Ross Ray Ross $350
2902nd Gino Chouinard Gino Chouinard $120
3504th Martha Verville Martha Verville $90