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Rank Name Raised
1st Never Give Up Never Give Up $2,131
Members of Never Give Up
2nd Kevin Westhead Kevin Westhead $2,131
2nd Team Utopia Team Utopia $2,104
Members of Team Utopia
3rd David Walsh David Walsh $1,523
11th Al Muma Al Muma $302
15th Linda McGill Linda McGill $279
N/A Ann Scully Ann Scully $0
N/A Austin Cameron Austin Cameron $0
N/A Jefferson Broomes Jefferson Broomes $0
N/A Kelly Nicol Kelly Nicol $0
N/A Paul Ramalho Paul Ramalho $0
N/A Tom Howitt Tom Howitt $0
3rd Together We Ride Year 4 Together We Ride Year 4 $1,575
Members of Together We Ride Year 4
4th Henrietta Olthoff Mulder Henrietta Olthoff Mulder $1,467
56th Zachary Wells Zachary Wells $72
84th Dianne Trask Dianne Trask $36
N/A Anthony Armata Anthony Armata $0
N/A Ashley D McGregor Ashley D McGregor $0
N/A Barbara Mann Barbara Mann $0
N/A Leanne Brown Leanne Brown $0
N/A Lezli Kuntze Lezli Kuntze $0
4th Team Batchoy Reloaded Team Batchoy Reloaded $492
Members of Team Batchoy Reloaded
9th Sofronio Garrucho Sofronio Garrucho $492
5th Tour du Frendz Tour du Frendz $420
Members of Tour du Frendz
19th Sara Caners Sara Caners $210
30th Karen Jashyn Karen Jashyn $124
79th Melvin Arcon Melvin Arcon $50
84th Laurie Fischer Laurie Fischer $36
N/A Claudia Faller Claudia Faller $0
N/A Enrique Tan Enrique Tan $0
N/A Heather Caners Heather Caners $0
N/A Norm Beltrame Norm Beltrame $0
N/A Tracy McCalder Tracy McCalder $0
6th My Homies My Homies $200
Members of My Homies
52nd Josee DiTomasso Josee DiTomasso $100
52nd Shirley Tymchuk Shirley Tymchuk $100
N/A Linda DiMatteo Linda DiMatteo $0
N/A Lisa Thornton Lisa Thornton $0
N/A Nancy Di Matteo Nancy Di Matteo $0
7th Ride With Jesus (RWJ) Ride With Jesus (RWJ) $155
Members of Ride With Jesus (RWJ)
25th Andi Al-Hanuna Andi Al-Hanuna $155
8th Pedal Pack Pedal Pack $124
Members of Pedal Pack
30th Della Ratcliffe Della Ratcliffe $124
9th FueledByCoffee FueledByCoffee $72
Members of FueledByCoffee
N/A Hanna Kim Hanna Kim $0
N/A Joel Mandapat Joel Mandapat $0
10th Team Sarah Team Sarah $52
Members of Team Sarah
66th Andree Marcoux Andree Marcoux $52
11th Ghost Rider MTB Ghost Rider MTB $41
Members of Ghost Rider MTB
82nd Andre Laurent Andre Laurent $41
N/A Bridge to Bridge Seaway Cycling Bridge to Bridge Seaway Cycling $0
Members of Bridge to Bridge Seaway Cycling
N/A Jason Latham Jason Latham $0
N/A Tom Kearney Tom Kearney $0
N/A Eir's Envoys Eir's Envoys $0
Members of Eir's Envoys
N/A Daniel Selsky Daniel Selsky $0
N/A Galactic Gearshifters Galactic Gearshifters $0
Members of Galactic Gearshifters
N/A Joanna McDonald Joanna McDonald $0
N/A I Be Pro Fun I Be Pro Fun $0
Members of I Be Pro Fun
N/A Trenton Penner Trenton Penner $0
N/A Prairie Peloton Prairie Peloton $0
Members of Prairie Peloton
N/A Adam Lerner Adam Lerner $0
N/A Trenton Lalonde Trenton Lalonde $0
N/A Robbins Smith Robbins Smith $0
Members of Robbins Smith
N/A Peggy Smith Peggy Smith $0
N/A Still Counting Still Counting $0
Members of Still Counting
N/A Diane Elliott Diane Elliott $0
N/A The Monica's The Monica's $0
Members of The Monica's
N/A Nathalie Issa Nathalie Issa $0
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