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Healthcare & Medical

Rank Name Raised
1st The Chainbreakers The Chainbreakers $10,620.74
Members of The Chainbreakers
878th Suzanne Brooks Suzanne Brooks $1,002.38
1046th Meredith Angel Meredith Angel $910.76
1558th Daniel Cook Daniel Cook $720.55
1775th Shane Brent Shane Brent $665.24
1879th Alexandra McClure Alexandra McClure $640
1974th Ruby Sharma Ruby Sharma $620
2456th Kendra Streit Kendra Streit $533.84
2458th Matt Wylie Matt Wylie $533.10
2787th Lindsey Bright Lindsey Bright $499.26
2792nd Mary McEwen Mary McEwen $498.63
3015th Alison Barnfather Alison Barnfather $445
3387th Theresa Rowan Theresa Rowan $353.52
3388th Alanna Tchir Alanna Tchir $353.10
3466th Lara Fowler Lara Fowler $336.60
3524th Shauna Panton Shauna Panton $325
3547th Selina Spessot Selina Spessot $320
3600th Dominique LeBlanc Dominique LeBlanc $311.71
3631st Eric Purvis Eric Purvis $305
3907th Charlene Chu Charlene Chu $250
4574th Janis Scott Janis Scott $156.92
4740th Ashley Perrin-Connon Ashley Perrin-Connon $139.69
4805th Amber Clarke Amber Clarke $132.34
5017th Hannah Connon Hannah Connon $116.92
5148th Olivia Dong Olivia Dong $100
5496th Rhea Wade Rhea Wade $81.92
5626th Joanne Cyr-Allen Joanne Cyr-Allen $73.73
5798th Koren Lee Koren Lee $65.53
6691st Andres Andi' Godoy Andres Andi' Godoy $30
N/A Aaron Price Aaron Price $0
N/A Ben Luong Ben Luong $0
N/A Brooke Nowicki Brooke Nowicki $0
N/A Christine Mireault Christine Mireault $0
N/A Danielle Michaud Danielle Michaud $0
N/A Danny Rowan Danny Rowan $0
N/A Janice L Janice L $0
N/A Joyce Lee Joyce Lee $0
N/A Judy Zsoldos Judy Zsoldos $0
N/A Julie Reader Julie Reader $0
N/A Karman So Karman So $0
N/A Michelle Lowey Michelle Lowey $0
N/A Richard Cheung Richard Cheung $0
N/A Tracy Perreault Tracy Perreault $0
N/A veronica sakamoto veronica sakamoto $0
2nd LIVE WELL Vancouver LIVE WELL Vancouver $7,520.28
Members of LIVE WELL Vancouver
327th Suzanne Ostrow Suzanne Ostrow $1,746.94
927th Roy Lamont Roy Lamont $976.20
N/A Kash Ghag Kash Ghag $943.21
1962nd Melanie Klintworth Melanie Klintworth $621.92
2602nd paul nguyen paul nguyen $510.13
2925th Hannah Tonneman Hannah Tonneman $460.44
3657th Grant Cameron Grant Cameron $300
N/A Margaret Brownrigg Margaret Brownrigg $289.26
3907th Kelly Quinlan Kelly Quinlan $250
4807th Allison Barnes Allison Barnes $131.92
4807th Stephanie Hendy Stephanie Hendy $131.92
5148th Cate McNeely Cate McNeely $100
5496th Denise Jaffe Denise Jaffe $81.92
5934th michelle uyeda michelle uyeda $50
6676th Claire Smits Claire Smits $32.77
N/A Angela Sanderson Angela Sanderson $0
N/A Bob Orlando Bob Orlando $0
N/A Carly Peterson Carly Peterson $0
N/A Chandni Datta Chandni Datta $0
N/A Cindy Chan Cindy Chan $0
N/A David Darker David Darker $0
N/A Jo Leary Jo Leary $0
N/A Karen Kohfeld Karen Kohfeld $0
N/A Lucille Wang Lucille Wang $0
N/A Margie McLeod Margie McLeod $0
N/A Mauree McCully Mauree McCully $0
N/A Megan Phillips Megan Phillips $0
N/A Melody Owen Melody Owen $0
N/A Rhonda Langlois Rhonda Langlois $0
N/A Rhonda Romolock Rhonda Romolock $0
3rd NordFit Studio NordFit Studio $3,035.98
Members of NordFit Studio
747th Lynne Danis Lynne Danis $1,100
1395th Sylvie Bourque Sylvie Bourque $775.98
2286th Lyne Caya Lyne Caya $560
2689th Celine Bourque Celine Bourque $500
N/A Crystal Dobson Crystal Dobson $0
4th James Bay Care Cyclers James Bay Care Cyclers $2,923.04
Members of James Bay Care Cyclers
351st Burnie Nicholson Burnie Nicholson $1,675.53
1612th Kristina Schnarr Kristina Schnarr $703.67
3094th Dale Kirk Dale Kirk $423.84
4909th Lenora Brown Lenora Brown $120
N/A Alexandra Schram Alexandra Schram $0
5th Team Ornge Team Ornge $2,251.92
Members of Team Ornge
846th Thomas Walker Thomas Walker $1,020
1767th Dagmar Stargard Dagmar Stargard $666.92
2268th Mahvareh Ahghari Mahvareh Ahghari $565
6th SEU-TPH SEU-TPH $1,135.14
Members of SEU-TPH
1743rd Jo Nair Jo Nair $672.16
5086th Caryn Thompson Caryn Thompson $106.49
5086th Soraya Blot Soraya Blot $106.49
N/A Amanda Bell Amanda Bell $0
7th MedPoint MedPoint $901.92
Members of MedPoint
3052nd Jon Matthews Jon Matthews $435
4035th Kent Utman Kent Utman $231.92
4909th Ron Young Ron Young $120
5887th Julie Bwanka Julie Bwanka $55
5934th Phillip Drygala Phillip Drygala $50
N/A Andrea Lyons Andrea Lyons $0
N/A Eileen- Maire Hawthorne Eileen- Maire Hawthorne $0
N/A Hannah McCutcheon Hannah McCutcheon $0
N/A Michelle Weber Michelle Weber $0
N/A Nicole Cibulka Nicole Cibulka $0
8th Dockside Physiotherapy Dockside Physiotherapy $829.59
Members of Dockside Physiotherapy
1383rd Mary-Anne Levson Mary-Anne Levson $779.59
5934th Evan Thomas Evan Thomas $50
N/A Abhinav Rai Abhinav Rai $0
N/A Nancy Wang Nancy Wang $0
9th Bear Creek Physio Bear Creek Physio $778.10
Members of Bear Creek Physio
3949th Katie Stevenson Katie Stevenson $246.38
4568th Denise Ward Denise Ward $157.88
N/A Amanda Sherbert Amanda Sherbert $125
6725th Claudio Almeida Claudio Almeida $25
6725th Danielle Laila Danielle Laila $25
10th Pacemakers Pacemakers $610
Members of Pacemakers
3186th Larisa Sviridova Larisa Sviridova $405
5148th krysta wallbank krysta wallbank $100
6314th Gevorg Eginyan Gevorg Eginyan $35
N/A Angelo Graffos Angelo Graffos $0
N/A Iven Yap Iven Yap $0
N/A Jeremy McElroy Jeremy McElroy $0
N/A Julie  & Grayson (age 5) Kwan Julie & Grayson (age 5) Kwan $0
N/A Michelle Arduini Michelle Arduini $0
N/A Nataliya Minenok Nataliya Minenok $0
N/A Sarah von Innerebner Sarah von Innerebner $0
11th Kootenay Life Girls Kootenay Life Girls $90
Members of Kootenay Life Girls
6725th Heather Turton Heather Turton $25
7039th Carlysle Bortolotti Carlysle Bortolotti $15
N/A Nicole Pellegrin Nicole Pellegrin $0
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