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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jennifer Sheppard Jennifer Sheppard $0
N/A Jennifer Taylor Lowd Jennifer Taylor Lowd $0
N/A Jim Fortin Jim Fortin $0
N/A Jimmy Weese Jimmy Weese $0
N/A Jonathan Parker Jonathan Parker $0
N/A Jonathan Van Allen Jonathan Van Allen $0
N/A Jonathan Wainwright Jonathan Wainwright $0
N/A Joseph Charles Joseph Charles $0
N/A Karen McElroy Karen McElroy $0
N/A Kevin Deagle Kevin Deagle $0
N/A Kevin Stricker Kevin Stricker $0
N/A Kevork Peltekian Kevork Peltekian $0
N/A Kimberly Trudell Kimberly Trudell $0
N/A Kristi Morton Kristi Morton $0
N/A L M L M $0
N/A Ladan Eskandarian Ladan Eskandarian $0
N/A Lezlea Scott Lezlea Scott $0
N/A Linda Wijcik Linda Wijcik $0
N/A Lindsay Lam Lindsay Lam $0
N/A Lisa Thiess Lisa Thiess $0
N/A Louis Funaro Louis Funaro $0
N/A Lynn Waller Lynn Waller $0
N/A Maaya Kaul Maaya Kaul $0
N/A Madhu Rupasinghe Madhu Rupasinghe $0
N/A Main Participant Main Participant $0
N/A main participant main participant $0
N/A Manea Raweson Manea Raweson $0
N/A Manon Roy Manon Roy $0
N/A Manuel Ferreira Manuel Ferreira $0
N/A Marieta Petrova Marieta Petrova $0
N/A Marjie Hyland Marjie Hyland $0
N/A Mark Schofield Mark Schofield $0
N/A Mark Wiercinski Mark Wiercinski $0
N/A Marna and Bogart Nightingale Marna and Bogart Nightingale $0
N/A Martin Nowakowski Martin Nowakowski $0
N/A Mary Ann Duynisveld Mary Ann Duynisveld $0
N/A Mathew Ferri Mathew Ferri $0
N/A Matteo Rendina Matteo Rendina $0
N/A Melissa Szot Melissa Szot $0
N/A Mihai Kolozsvari Mihai Kolozsvari $0
N/A Mike Vivero Mike Vivero $0
N/A Mina Arabkhedri Mina Arabkhedri $0
N/A Miranda Hanna Miranda Hanna $0
N/A Monica Hanna Monica Hanna $0
N/A Mr Popo Mr Popo $0
N/A Nancy Jordan Nancy Jordan $0
N/A Natu Broadbent Natu Broadbent $0
N/A Navroop Tehara Navroop Tehara $0
N/A Neil Ames Neil Ames $0
N/A Nikhat Qureshi Nikhat Qureshi $0