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Rank Name Raised
N/A Ryan Dockrill Ryan Dockrill $0
5188th Curtis Tatham Curtis Tatham $120
645th Martin Carew Martin Carew $1,336.51
1835th Terry Roberts Terry Roberts $720
N/A Don Warkentin Don Warkentin $0
582nd Mark Stewart Mark Stewart $1,413.68
N/A Kyle Stewart Kyle Stewart $0
4443rd Sarah Geertsema Sarah Geertsema $215
N/A Robert Andrew Hughson Robert Andrew Hughson $0
115th Kevin Murray Kevin Murray $3,070
2063rd Ron Cleroux Ron Cleroux $665.65
103rd Paul Sherry Paul Sherry $3,172.65
827th Carmeline Descoteaux Carmeline Descoteaux $1,150
520th David Weisfeld David Weisfeld $1,521.92
2480th Christina Behme Christina Behme $586.33
3674th Jason Cheney Jason Cheney $363.84
5431st Chanie Pritchard Chanie Pritchard $100
N/A David P David P $0
247th Cassandra Orr Cassandra Orr $2,297.84
N/A Jeff Crispino Jeff Crispino $0