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Rank Name Raised
98th Emilie St. Pierre Emilie St. Pierre 3years $579
99th Wayne Burke Wayne Burke $577
100th Mohammad Zolmajd Mohammad Zolmajd 5years $572
101st Barry Bigras Barry Bigras 3years $571
102nd Becky Zeeman Becky Zeeman 3years $569
102nd Chris Muldoon Chris Muldoon 3years $569
104th Nikki Rozema-Tendam Nikki Rozema-Tendam 2years $568
105th Chris Waterhouse Chris Waterhouse 3years $559
106th Stefani Zugec Stefani Zugec $558
107th Wallace Wong Wallace Wong $557
108th Dale hewitt Dale hewitt 2years $554
108th Jarrod Russell Jarrod Russell 7years $554
108th Tim McColm Tim McColm 3years $554
111th Ferlin Rands Ferlin Rands 2years $543
112th Ellie Lerner Ellie Lerner $538
113th Donna Leibham Donna Leibham 4years $538
113th Jim Curry Jim Curry 4years $538
115th Diane Elliott Diane Elliott 7years $536
116th Olivia Besanger Olivia Besanger 3years $536
117th Lynn Todd-Harris Lynn Todd-Harris 3years $532