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Rank Name Raised
N/A Acecasper S Acecasper S $0
466th Acecasper Simmons Acecasper Simmons 2years $653
N/A Ahmad Shuqairat Ahmad Shuqairat $0
4063rd Alan Gaudet Alan Gaudet 3years $21
2787th Allison Vecchio Allison Vecchio 3years $72
161st Anthony Ruta Anthony Ruta 4years $1,187
N/A Anthony Wu Anthony Wu $0
N/A Brian Salsman Brian Salsman 3years $0
2614th Carla Spooner Carla Spooner $98
N/A Cassy Howe Cassy Howe 3years $0
2301st Chris Toleman Chris Toleman 2years $104
N/A Claudine Lo Claudine Lo $0
1797th Colin Martin Colin Martin 3years $166
N/A Curtis Repen Curtis Repen 5years $0
3474th Daniel Leblanc Daniel Leblanc 7years $36
1446th Dean Nilsen Dean Nilsen 2years $233
N/A Derek Abbotts Derek Abbotts 3years $0
N/A Devin Latchmana Devin Latchmana $0
1951st Devon Brajkovic Devon Brajkovic $142