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Rank Name Raised
41st Nicholas Whitmell Nicholas Whitmell $2,655
42nd Harpreet Bajwa Harpreet Bajwa $2,610
43rd John Pfeffer John Pfeffer $2,603
44th Sharon McQuade Sharon McQuade $2,570
45th Marlon Da Silva Marlon Da Silva $2,555
46th Dana Coulombe Dana Coulombe $2,530
47th Michael Giordano Michael Giordano $2,509
48th Brian Gibson Brian Gibson $2,500
49th Justin Chan Justin Chan $2,455
50th Chris Lawson Chris Lawson $2,450
51st Simmigill Virk Simmigill Virk $2,445
52nd Trevor Cradduck Trevor Cradduck $2,425
53rd Tony Tucceri Tony Tucceri $2,420
54th Christian Tardi Christian Tardi $2,410
55th Ty Pylypow Ty Pylypow $2,395
56th Jessica Cherwick Jessica Cherwick $2,350
57th Harrison Probst Harrison Probst $2,345
58th Brendan Devlin Brendan Devlin $2,338
59th Maddison Cochrane Maddison Cochrane $2,310
60th Perry Dunmore Perry Dunmore $2,305