The Peloton Club is to recognise those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Nicole Brass Nicole Brass $1,075.35
Fred Landry Fred Landry $1,075.29
Ernie Dowsett Ernie Dowsett $1,075.13
Lesley Burton Lesley Burton $1,075
Karl Watson Karl Watson $1,074.83
Carl Forde Carl Forde $1,074.76
Heather Ginter Heather Ginter $1,073.98
Tim Pot Tim Pot $1,073.84
Jay Burleigh Jay Burleigh $1,072.99
Brian Dupuis Brian Dupuis $1,071.05
Cynthia Britton Cynthia Britton $1,070.98
Sheri Kidd Roberts Sheri Kidd Roberts $1,070.44
Cheri Moreau Cheri Moreau $1,070
James Rae James Rae $1,070
Javier Diaz Javier Diaz $1,070
Liam Sullivan Liam Sullivan $1,070
Peter L. Stewart Peter L. Stewart $1,070
Shane Roberts Shane Roberts $1,070
Tanya Chisholm Tanya Chisholm $1,070
Ed Jager Ed Jager $1,069.69
Kayla Murphy Kayla Murphy $1,069.26
Roberto Paz Roberto Paz $1,069.18
Judi Whalen Judi Whalen $1,067.14
Natalie Tsang Natalie Tsang $1,066.92
Tony chin Tony chin $1,066.60
Crystal Zacharias Crystal Zacharias $1,066.40
Vinodh Kumar Vinodh Kumar $1,066.21
Jasna Jackson Jasna Jackson $1,065.54
Anthony Ruta Anthony Ruta $1,065
Nizar Tabcharani Nizar Tabcharani $1,065
Marc Piper Marc Piper $1,063.79
Mike Earle Mike Earle $1,062.38
Janelle Wallace-Meyer Janelle Wallace-Meyer $1,061.71
Kiran Jayaramaiah Kiran Jayaramaiah $1,059.59
Jeannette Warren Jeannette Warren $1,058.63
Pat McDougall Pat McDougall $1,058.63
Janice Stoddard Janice Stoddard $1,058.11
Kandus Rithaler Kandus Rithaler $1,056.60
Sheila Seaton Sheila Seaton $1,056.31
Linda McConnell Linda McConnell $1,055.22
Val Zurba Val Zurba $1,054.91
Brandi Hill Brandi Hill $1,053.10
Janet Dwillies Janet Dwillies $1,052.67
Richard Graham Richard Graham $1,052.67
Suzanne Brooks Suzanne Brooks $1,052.38
Charlene Rhead Charlene Rhead $1,052.05
Hector (Tito) Solis Hector (Tito) Solis $1,051.71
Norman Funnell Norman Funnell $1,051.40
boyd BETKER boyd BETKER $1,051.31
Valerie Beynon Valerie Beynon $1,051.29