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Rank Name Raised
N/A Don Warkentin Don Warkentin $0
N/A Emily Arco Dulay Graves Emily Arco Dulay Graves $0
2065th Ron Cleroux Ron Cleroux $665.65
N/A Stephane Thouin Stephane Thouin $0
5897th Tom Eminowicz Tom Eminowicz $70
1684th Peter Campbell Peter Campbell $766.60
51st Chuck Salmon Chuck Salmon $4,140.60
6469th Wayne Turgeon Wayne Turgeon $40.96
104th Paul Sherry Paul Sherry $3,172.65
827th Carmeline Descoteaux Carmeline Descoteaux $1,150
6187th Frank Yee Frank Yee $50
N/A Robert Haskett Robert Haskett $0
734th Brian Schembri Brian Schembri $1,226.94
520th David Weisfeld David Weisfeld $1,521.92
302nd Jacques Lamontagne Jacques Lamontagne $2,073.32
N/A Tim Epp Tim Epp $0
N/A David P David P $0
247th Cassandra Orr Cassandra Orr $2,297.84
85th Trevor Cradduck Trevor Cradduck $3,433.63
N/A Steven Eaton Steven Eaton $0