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Rank Name Raised
2441st Christopher Brooks Christopher Brooks $1,084
898th Paul Carter Paul Carter $2,001
449th Curtis Repen Curtis Repen $2,891
655th Rick Bueckert Rick Bueckert $2,517
2514th Will Prentice Will Prentice $1,062
8484th Simon Piniel Simon Piniel $171
2342nd Terry Duncan Terry Duncan $1,109
979th jeremy maloff jeremy maloff $1,860
6274th Rejean Vallieres Rejean Vallieres $500
1858th Jonathan Low Jonathan Low $1,275
272nd Dean Brandt Dean Brandt $3,500
4319th Joseph Ford Joseph Ford $692
4174th Wilson Bolivar Wilson Bolivar $710
1431st Andy Harrower Andy Harrower $1,500
997th Curtis Stambaugh Curtis Stambaugh $1,835
9306th Mohamed Moustafa Kamal Mohamed Moustafa Kamal $100
3199th John Banman John Banman $881
2080th Jon Slater Jon Slater $1,194
N/A Paul Dubois Paul Dubois $0
64th Michel Baril Michel Baril $6,100