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Rank Name Raised
647th O.J. Wagontall O.J. Wagontall $2,552
2439th Paul Nutt Paul Nutt 2years $1,019
430th Peter Leiss Peter Leiss 4years $3,048
1552nd Rick Schroeder Rick Schroeder 6years $1,394
477th Robert Poirier Robert Poirier 5years $2,921
262nd Roel Bus Roel Bus 7years $3,832
111th Ron Porteous Ron Porteous 2years $5,401
5294th Shaun Buote Shaun Buote 3years $438
3098th steve wright steve wright $811
3168th Tom Howitt Tom Howitt 3years $794
1370th Wilf Marquis Wilf Marquis $1,504
5167th Will Isbister Will Isbister 2years $483
N/A Wesley Torraville Wesley Torraville $0
7612th Zac McEwan Zac McEwan $62
194th Brendan Devlin Brendan Devlin 7years $4,368
133rd Lucio Caterina Lucio Caterina 5years $5,178
1175th Adam Hynam-Smith Adam Hynam-Smith $1,674
1512th Adam Kulchyski Adam Kulchyski 4years $1,419
2399th Alysia Hudema Alysia Hudema 2years $1,027
1180th Amanda Burchert Amanda Burchert 3years $1,666