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Rank Name Raised
252nd Melissa Fletcher Melissa Fletcher $1,455
252nd Susanne Spence Wilkins Susanne Spence Wilkins 2years $3,940
253rd Cheryl (Sarah and Zoe) Climie-Smith Cheryl (Sarah and Zoe) Climie-Smith 5years $3,932
254th Kelly Konechny Kelly Konechny $3,930
255th Mike Ball Mike Ball $3,926
256th Haley Buckler Haley Buckler 3years $995
256th Mike Santry Mike Santry 5years $3,909
257th Barbara Mann Barbara Mann 7years $3,877
258th Charlotte Wilson Charlotte Wilson 2years $3,865
259th Grace Belisle Grace Belisle $3,857
260th Neale Robb Neale Robb 3years $3,848
261st Ed Kupczyk Ed Kupczyk 4years $3,841
262nd Roel Bus Roel Bus 7years $3,832
263rd Marie Skelding Marie Skelding 4years $3,832
264th Kingsley McNaughton Kingsley McNaughton 3years $3,831
265th Al McDonald Al McDonald 2years $3,826
266th Shannon Valliant Shannon Valliant 2years $3,826
267th Wayne Pulman Wayne Pulman 2years $3,821
268th Tracy Franck Tracy Franck 6years $3,820
269th Jacques Chartrand Jacques Chartrand 5years $3,783