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Rank Name Raised
158th Michael McLaughlin Michael McLaughlin $4,812
159th Bill Vandenberk Bill Vandenberk 3years $4,808
160th Sami Reaz Sami Reaz 7years $4,797
161st Al Muma Al Muma 3years $4,769
162nd Mushtaq Sayed Mushtaq Sayed 3years $4,759
163rd Jon Miller Jon Miller 5years $4,720
164th BT Hansen BT Hansen 2years $4,673
165th Pete Grammatico Pete Grammatico 7years $4,668
166th Amelia and Noah Macko Amelia and Noah Macko 4years $4,648
167th Joan Down Joan Down $4,638
168th Raymond Wood Raymond Wood 4years $4,624
169th Anna Allman Anna Allman 5years $4,623
170th Gail McCauley Gail McCauley 6years $4,616
171st Dean Nilsen Dean Nilsen 2years $4,605
172nd Stephen Chung Stephen Chung 6years $4,584
173rd Barry Collis Barry Collis $4,569
174th Keith Groen Keith Groen 2years $4,567
175th Richard Goodnough Richard Goodnough 2years $4,554
176th Mike Schrauwen Mike Schrauwen 2years $4,543
177th John Pfeffer John Pfeffer 6years $4,542