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Rank Name Raised
158th Grant Harder Grant Harder 2years $4,181
159th Colin Keefe Colin Keefe 2years $4,172
160th Phil Neily Phil Neily 7years $4,166
161st Sharon McQuade Sharon McQuade 4years $4,156
162nd Dianne Trask Dianne Trask 6years $4,140
163rd Joseph Lisi Joseph Lisi $4,137
164th Jason Monk Jason Monk 4years $4,136
165th Fardad Sadighian Fardad Sadighian 6years $4,116
166th Brendon Stevenson Brendon Stevenson $4,102
167th Laura Freeman Laura Freeman $4,099
168th Susan Rattray Susan Rattray $4,093
169th Dale hewitt Dale hewitt 2years $4,058
170th Kent Douglas Hill Kent Douglas Hill 3years $4,055
171st Ian Foss Ian Foss 4years $4,046
172nd Timothy Foster Timothy Foster 3years $4,036
173rd Stuart Muir Stuart Muir 6years $4,030
174th Keith Groen Keith Groen 2years $4,019
175th ChrisandHarrie Van Hees ChrisandHarrie Van Hees 2years $4,015
176th David Standing David Standing $4,012
177th Terry McKee Terry McKee 7years $4,012