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Rank Name Raised
133rd Reggiel Arevalo Reggiel Arevalo $500
138th Patricia Daigle Patricia Daigle 5years $500
139th Terry Duncan Terry Duncan 3years $483
140th Peter Courtney Peter Courtney 3years $483
141st Tova Davidson Tova Davidson $477
142nd Heather Patton Heather Patton 3years $476
143rd Adam Lerner Adam Lerner 3years $470
144th Bonnie McClung Bonnie McClung 5years $456
145th Paisley Fenton Paisley Fenton 4years $445
146th Brian Bohnert Brian Bohnert 4years $445
147th Arwin Te Arwin Te 3years $436
148th Harry Van Dyk Harry Van Dyk 2years $435
149th Brendan Lowther Brendan Lowther 7years $425
150th Anita Trott Anita Trott 7years $424
151st Jen Samuel Jen Samuel 5years $417
152nd Kathleen Lewis Kathleen Lewis 3years $416
153rd Mary Pratt Mary Pratt 3years $415
154th Joni Porthouse Joni Porthouse 3years $414
155th Pamela White Pamela White 5years $413
156th Sue Lethbridge Sue Lethbridge $409