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Rank Name Raised
100th Jean Constantineau Jean Constantineau 3years $5,673
101st Maxwell I Kates Maxwell I Kates $5,631
102nd Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick 3years $5,621
103rd Curtis Repen Curtis Repen 5years $5,563
104th Aaron Jacob Aaron Jacob 7years $5,540
105th Fraser Head Fraser Head 3years $5,538
106th Ian Jameson Ian Jameson 4years $5,504
107th Patricia Mark Patricia Mark 5years $5,495
108th Jay Slater Jay Slater $5,486
109th Ron Danis Ron Danis 3years $5,466
110th Erin McFarland Erin McFarland 7years $5,446
111th Ron Porteous Ron Porteous 2years $5,401
112th Mary Ann Duynisveld Mary Ann Duynisveld 6years $5,378
113th Shawn Brown Shawn Brown 5years $5,347
114th Daniella Novak Daniella Novak 3years $5,331
115th Tony Giancola Tony Giancola $5,324
116th Sandra Strangman Sandra Strangman 4years $5,317
117th Hilda Fischer Hilda Fischer 3years $5,299
118th Sheldene Reich Sheldene Reich 6years $5,298
119th Chadwick Leroy Allen Chadwick Leroy Allen 3years $5,290