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Rank Name Raised
157th Shawn Brown Shawn Brown 5years $398
158th Lynne Yantha Lynne Yantha 2years $394
159th Aidan Key Aidan Key $394
160th Hudson Boisvert Hudson Boisvert 2years $393
161st Ken Boutilier Ken Boutilier 5years $389
162nd Kelly Nicol Kelly Nicol 4years $383
163rd Gordon Reed Gordon Reed 3years $383
164th Jonathan Miller Jonathan Miller 3years $374
165th Nan Zeifman Nan Zeifman 3years $374
166th Michelle Mackintosh Michelle Mackintosh 3years $373
167th Sharon Baptie Sharon Baptie 5years $367
168th Arnei De guzman Arnei De guzman 2years $356
169th Stella Morgan Stella Morgan 2years $352
170th Linda Desjardins Linda Desjardins 3years $347
171st Octavio Penagos Torija Octavio Penagos Torija 5years $347
172nd Bill Mitchell Bill Mitchell 2years $342
173rd Jamie-lee Compton Jamie-lee Compton $338
174th Lorenzo Gutierrez Lorenzo Gutierrez $336
175th Sheri Mackenzie Sheri Mackenzie $336
176th Becca Nicol Becca Nicol 2years $331