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Rank Name Raised
271st Monica Karppinen Monica Karppinen 2years $886
272nd Martin Hurley Martin Hurley 4years $886
273rd Jim Kennes Jim Kennes 5years $885
273rd Jr Mc Tavish Jr Mc Tavish 2years $36
273rd Sally Newton Meyer Sally Newton Meyer $885
275th Norm Beltrame Norm Beltrame 5years $883
276th Jared Simpson Jared Simpson 4years $882
277th Sal Valvo Sal Valvo 2years $882
278th Jonathan Shapira Jonathan Shapira 2years $881
279th Joe Stubbs Joe Stubbs 5years $880
280th Marilyn Hebert Marilyn Hebert $879
281st Paula Coles Paula Coles 5years $878
282nd Allan Morris Allan Morris 2years $877
283rd Alex Conac Alex Conac $876
284th Chris Huber Chris Huber 3years $875
285th Mona Reck Mona Reck 3years $872
286th Olivia Besanger Olivia Besanger 3years $872
287th Arkadiusz Broniarz Arkadiusz Broniarz 4years $869
288th Mary Waldner Mary Waldner 2years $863
289th Rob Hutton Rob Hutton 2years $862