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Rank Name Raised
780th Murray Hartung Murray Hartung 6years $1,309
162nd Ron Porteous Ron Porteous 2years $3,055
89th Zachary Wells Zachary Wells 6years $3,679
553rd Brian Bohnert Brian Bohnert 4years $1,604
4290th Jonathan Baker Jonathan Baker 3years $316
751st Mike Malyk Mike Malyk 3years $1,340
1078th Kevin Bragnalo Kevin Bragnalo 4years $1,093
76th Mark Warren Mark Warren 7years $3,885
2273rd Marc Talbot Marc Talbot 3years $656
631st Tanner Bruce Tanner Bruce 3years $1,485
1172nd Bruce Percey Bruce Percey $1,046
3741st Sasha Hunter Sasha Hunter 4years $408
N/A Felix Cousineau Felix Cousineau 2years $0
5785th Doreen Delgaty Doreen Delgaty 2years $136
N/A Mike Ebacher Mike Ebacher 3years $0
2459th Joseph Arbour Joseph Arbour 2years $616
517th George Catchpole George Catchpole 2years $1,658
439th Giuseppe Joe Manchisi Ca Giuseppe Joe Manchisi Ca 2years $1,858
2723rd Ian Low Ian Low $568
737th Gordon Williams Gordon Williams 5years $1,354