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Rank Name Raised
6385th Shaun Meany Shaun Meany 2years $186
315th Steven Bedford Steven Bedford 2years $3,508
2056th Stacey Turpin Stacey Turpin 3years $1,138
2659th Eugene Vandal Eugene Vandal 3years $940
4267th Mathieu Tremblay Fortin Mathieu Tremblay Fortin $582
N/A Riley Miller Riley Miller 2years $0
1330th Deveenath Kamineni Deveenath Kamineni 2years $1,532
4556th Louis Aube Louis Aube 2years $543
1793rd Anthony Ruta Anthony Ruta 4years $1,260
4258th Jeremy Trnka Jeremy Trnka $584
104th Aaron Jacob Aaron Jacob 7years $5,540
2439th Ken Boutilier Ken Boutilier 5years $1,019
40th John Derrick John Derrick $9,038
3909th Allan Rojas Allan Rojas 4years $638
N/A Kevin Norton Kevin Norton $0
N/A Yves Dinh Yves Dinh 2years $0
4133rd Fabrice Maloigne Fabrice Maloigne $603
760th Neil Kennington Neil Kennington 5years $2,242
N/A Mike Ebacher Mike Ebacher 3years $0
806th Karin Faubert Karin Faubert Karin Faubert Karin Faubert 2years $2,140