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Rank Name Raised
195th Tracey Nelson Tracey Nelson 7years $1,079
196th ManYi Kan ManYi Kan $1,076
197th Chris Glydon Chris Glydon 4years $1,075
198th Tania Ardley Tania Ardley 7years $1,075
199th Kim Fleming Kim Fleming $1,071
200th Serge Beaudry Serge Beaudry $1,057
201st Mike Lacharite Mike Lacharite $1,054
202nd Arnei De guzman Arnei De guzman 2years $1,050
203rd Geoffrey Hesler Geoffrey Hesler 3years $1,049
204th Katarina Smith Katarina Smith 2years $1,044
205th Cassidy Bellefontaine Cassidy Bellefontaine $1,036
206th Erin Critch Erin Critch $1,036
207th Andrew Burningham Andrew Burningham $1,035
208th Brian Tomlinson Brian Tomlinson $1,035
208th Dan Eickmeier Dan Eickmeier 7years $1,035
210th Imran Khan Imran Khan $1,035
211th Nancy Di Matteo Nancy Di Matteo 4years $1,033
212th Shantanu Raje Shantanu Raje 2years $1,032
213th Susan McRae Susan McRae 2years $1,032
214th John Gartley John Gartley 3years $1,030