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Rank Name Raised
155th Erin McFarland Erin McFarland 7years $3,063
156th Aaron Jacob Aaron Jacob 7years $3,040
157th Andy Maher Andy Maher $3,039
158th Alistair Littlejohn Alistair Littlejohn 5years $3,027
159th Cathy Jansen Cathy Jansen 6years $3,024
160th Leslie Percy Leslie Percy 4years $3,018
161st Nikki Magnan Nikki Magnan $3,118
162nd Grant Harder Grant Harder 2years $3,004
163rd Karen Lindsay Karen Lindsay $3,003
164th Kelly Konechny Kelly Konechny $3,002
165th Mohammad Zolmajd Mohammad Zolmajd 5years $3,002
166th Todd Woods Todd Woods 4years $3,001
167th Mark Chedrawe Mark Chedrawe 2years $2,996
168th Richard Goodnough Richard Goodnough 2years $2,966
169th Janet Reader Janet Reader 2years $2,962
170th Ron Porteous Ron Porteous 2years $3,029
171st Johnny Birkd Johnny Birkd $2,950
172nd Joan Cartwright Joan Cartwright $2,945
173rd Jack Gremmen Jack Gremmen 5years $2,944
174th Anshu P Anshu P 2years $2,941