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Rank Name Raised
198th Cassidy Bellefontaine Cassidy Bellefontaine $1,036
199th Erin Critch Erin Critch $1,036
200th Andrew Burningham Andrew Burningham $1,035
201st Brian Tomlinson Brian Tomlinson $1,035
201st Dan Eickmeier Dan Eickmeier 7years $1,035
203rd Imran Khan Imran Khan $1,035
204th Nancy Di Matteo Nancy Di Matteo 4years $1,033
205th Shantanu Raje Shantanu Raje 2years $1,032
206th Susan McRae Susan McRae 2years $1,032
207th John Gartley John Gartley 3years $1,030
208th Ryan Church Ryan Church 2years $1,025
209th Janet Gilmour Janet Gilmour 4years $1,022
210th Linda Moore Linda Moore 5years $1,022
211th Harry Hester Harry Hester 6years $1,017
212th Sandeep Ghotra Sandeep Ghotra 3years $1,016
213th Chaslyn Hastings Chaslyn Hastings 3years $1,016
214th Dianne Trask Dianne Trask 6years $1,014
215th Wesley Arnott Wesley Arnott 4years $1,014
216th Lee Manley Lee Manley $1,007
217th Ray Bock Ray Bock 3years $1,006