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Rank Name Raised
1st Prodomax Trailblazers Prodomax Trailblazers $9,457.40
Members of Prodomax Trailblazers
155th Don Leslie Don Leslie $2,520.70
364th Lee Carson Lee Carson $1,684.31
851st Adam Smith Adam Smith $1,047.89
898th Shane Viccary Shane Viccary $1,016.64
1997th Sean Steele Sean Steele $626.92
2726th Greg Parker Greg Parker $505.87
3158th Martin DeVillers Martin DeVillers $428.52
3699th Mallory Dunlop & Mark Houston Mallory Dunlop & Mark Houston $301.92
4430th Astrid Prueger Astrid Prueger $181.92
4865th Angela Kuiack Angela Kuiack $134.69
N/A Cody Shelp Cody Shelp $0
N/A David Matynowski David Matynowski $0
N/A Gabrielle Huber Gabrielle Huber $0
N/A Martin R. Wachholz Martin R. Wachholz $0
N/A Shannon Nicol Shannon Nicol $0
N/A Victor Ceolin Victor Ceolin $0
2nd Upside Riders Upside Riders $4,229.44
Members of Upside Riders
911th Terry Hopman Terry Hopman $1,007.45
1222nd Rex Perchard Rex Perchard $852.05
1439th Paul Murphy Paul Murphy $778.52
1956th Dylan Peterson Dylan Peterson $635.02
3rd Semtech_Canada Semtech_Canada $2,036.92
Members of Semtech_Canada
1625th Heidi B Heidi B $721.92
3069th Durray Farooqi Durray Farooqi $450
3411th Bryan Ault Bryan Ault $365
3472nd Steven Porter Steven Porter $350
4th Thurber Calgary - The Wheel Deal Thurber Calgary - The Wheel Deal $1,851.92
Members of Thurber Calgary - The Wheel Deal
1257th Tyler Clay Tyler Clay $840
2352nd Jessica Friesen Jessica Friesen $561.92
5219th James Ryan James Ryan $100
N/A Remco Kleinlugtenbelt Remco Kleinlugtenbelt $0
5th Geotab bike squad Geotab bike squad $1,324.30
Members of Geotab bike squad
3748th Ricardo Laranjeiro Ricardo Laranjeiro $295
3880th Azucena Gonzalez Azucena Gonzalez $266.92
4986th Émilie Corcoran Émilie Corcoran $120
5995th Kevin de Sousa Kevin de Sousa $50
5995th Stephan de Wit Stephan de Wit $50
7089th John Jiang John Jiang $16.38
N/A Cristian Ivascu Cristian Ivascu $0
N/A Darren Beams Darren Beams $0
N/A Devin Dsouza Devin Dsouza $0
N/A Dominic Loong Dominic Loong $0
N/A Julia Corcoran Julia Corcoran $0
N/A Kevin Wong Kevin Wong $0
N/A Matt Broughall Matt Broughall $0
N/A Mert Sonmezler Mert Sonmezler $0
N/A Michael Tran Michael Tran $0
6th Transport Canada National Aircraft Certification Riders Transport Canada National Aircraft Certification Riders $865
Members of Transport Canada National Aircraft Certification Riders
2786th Katherine Thompson Katherine Thompson $500
4107th Remy Knoerr Remy Knoerr $230
5219th Audrey Manzo Audrey Manzo $100
6370th Brad Taylor Brad Taylor $35
N/A Alan Ritchie Alan Ritchie $0
7th Spin to Win (Golder and Friends) Spin to Win (Golder and Friends) $425.98
Members of Spin to Win (Golder and Friends)
3168th Alex Szot Alex Szot $425.98
8th Nav Canada Nav Canada $32.77
Members of Nav Canada
6726th David Witherspoon David Witherspoon $32.77
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